music hall mmf-11.1 turntable (black)


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The music hall mmf-11.1 turntable, our latest flagship, is a 2-speed belt-driven audiophile turntable, featuring the unique quadruple-plinth construction originated by music hall.


mmf-11.1 turntable


feature list


  • music hall’s unique quadruple-plinth design w/sorbothane vibration isolation

  • one-piece Project ‘9cc Evolution’ carbon fiber tonearm

  • the arm uses four hardened Swiss ABEC 7 ball races in an inverted bearing design

  • tonearm is internally wired with flexible wire drawn from high purity copper with only two contact points from cartridge to output connectors

  • counterweight’s center of gravity is level with the stylus tip is decoupled from the arm and acts as a resonance damper

  • fully adjustable azimuth, VTA, and dampened arm lift

  • exclusive microprocessor electronic speed controlled dual motor single flywheel drive system

  • 33 1⁄3 and 45 rpm speed change at the touch of button

  • motors and flywheel assembly are isolated on mass loaded resonant sink connected to the lower plinth

  • the dual motor flywheel system sits on the left side of the turntable thus eliminating all motor and belt vibration from the cartridge

  • magnetic-levitation adjustable isolation feet

  • inverted ceramic main bearing for super quiet fluid operation

  • thick acrylic platter

  • removable acrylic dustcover

  • high quality, gold RCA connectors with detachable phono cable

  • low noise fully manual belt-drive design, dustcover, 45rpm adaptor

  • ships securely in a substantial wood box

  • excellent instruction manual and easy assembly

distinctive design

The distinctive design isolates the critical sound reproducing components, each on their own plinth. The tonearm is mounted to the upper plinth and the inverted ceramic main bearing is mounted to the second plinth allowing the partially sunken 1 1/2″ acrylic platter to spin freely.


speed of turntable: 33 1/3 or 45 r.p.m.
change speed electronically, luminous buttons
deviation speed < ±0.1%
variance speed < ±0.08%
mechanical distance > -45dB
electrical distance > -65dB
drive silicone belt over pulley
motor 2 x synchronous motors; the motor is controlled via microprocessor
platter acrylic (11.8 in., 300 mm) weight – (7.4lbs., 3.35 kg)
power switching power supply (90 – 246 VAC, 47-63Hz) type EU, UK,USA
electric input 23W DC
effective arm length 9in. (230 mm)
effective arm mass 8.5 g
mounting distance 8.3 in (212 mm)
overlap .71 in (18 mm)
angle crank 24°
course zero error angle ø 130.5, ø 243.7
force on the tip 0-3 g
plinth material MDF
belt material silicone rubber
product dimensions 21.3″ x 13.8″ x 7.8″
(540 x 350 x 197 mm)

39.5 lbs. (17.9 kg)

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