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This was a live public concert, held at St Martins in The Field, London. Play this binaural LP through headphones, and you will feel like you are actually at the concert where the Locrian Ensemble gave a fantastic performance of Mozart's wonderful music. As with Chasing The Dragon's other binaural releases, this LP also sounds great when played through loudspeakers.

Mozart By Candlelight Binaural LP Vinyl

Rimma Sushanskaya conducts The Locrian Ensemble of London with Fiona Kelly on flute and Jean Kelly on harp.

St Martin In The Fields, because of its wonderful acoustics, has become an iconic concert hall and recording venue. It's amazing to think that Mozart himself played in the church in the 1760s. If he was alive today I hope that he would enjoy our binaural recording.

This version of the Mozart performance by The Locrian Ensemble was recorded with a Neumann Binaural Head. Best experienced with headphones!


- Audiophile Demonstration Album
- Binaural album
- 180-gram vinyl
- Mastered at Air Studios in London
- Produced/Engineered by Mike Valentine

"For many of our albums, I have been using 3 microphones used in a “Decca Tree” array to capture the main stereo image. Recently, I have been experimenting with a Neumann Binaural Head. Although normal stereo sounds great on headphones, I have found that when using the head, the effect can become almost three dimensional. I have therefore decided to create a series of albums for headphone listeners. This is our second release and I hope that you will be transported to St. Martins in the Fields in London, enjoying the fun of Mozart by Candlelight."
- Mike Valentine, Chasing The Dragon


Side A

Eine Kleine Nachtmusik - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791)

- Allegro - Romance
- Andante con moto
- Menuetto and Trio
- Rondo

Side B

Flute & Harp Concerto - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791)

- Rondo

Symphony No. 29 in A - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791)

- Rondo

This binaural album was recorded with specialist equipment to give you the feeling of really being there in the space with the musicians. This binaural album is incredibly accurate and is intended to be enjoyed on headphones, however, it still sounds fantastic when played back on loudspeakers.

Chasing The Dragon Audiophile Recordings

Chasing The Dragon have become known as one of the leading producers of audiophile recordings. The UK label owned by Mike Valentine offers Direct Cut LPs. Audiophile LPs, CDs, and Master Tapes which will demonstrate the potential of your Hi-Fi system.

Chasing The Dragon's releases are so detailed, if you take the time to familiarise yourself with the subtleties of these reference-level recordings, the next time you make any changes, big or small, to your Hi-Fi system, the differences will be notable.


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