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This large, dual-chassis preamplifier is built in true dual-mono arrangement. Each channel has its own power supply board with over 100,000uf of capacitance for unfettered transient response. Noise levels have been dropped from the already low-noise XP30. Refined circuit design and layout, new gain-stages with auto-bias and DC compensation all combine for optimal performance. But it all comes down to sound; once you listen to the Xs preamplifier, there is no going back.

Awards & Reviews

“the Pass Xs preamp and Pass Xs 300 power amplifier—are efforts to provide that absolute sound without compromise in either quality or price”
Xs Preamp TAS Editors’ Choice Award – 2021

Editors’ Choice Award 2017
The Absolute Sound

“For me, the Xs series has drawn a line in the sand and has redefined the ‘state of the art’.”
Positive Feedback

“Have a sound that is almost beyond description in words.”
Home Theater HiFi

Circuitus Maximus Award 2017

Top o’ the line Brutus Awards 2017

AudioArt #351 (Cover) – Taiwan

Best Audio Gear
The Absolute Sound

Golden Ear Award – 2018

Technical Specifications

Overall Gain 9.5 dB Balanced
Remote yes
Inputs 6
Outputs 4
Input Impedance 42k balanced
Power Consumption 55 watts
Number of chassis 2
Dimensions, Each Chassis 19”W x 14”D x 6.25”H
Weight (LBS) 80

Line Preamps

The Pass Laboratories XP-10, XP-20 and XP-30 preamplifiers are the natural descendants to the long lived, highly acclaimed and successful X series of Pass Laboratories line-stages.

Dynamic sound
The XP preamplifiers sound more dynamic, bass lines are more clearly, cleanly and accurately delineated

Clear bass lines
cleanly and accurately delineated

Fine nuances and detail
instruments and voice are presented in a greatly refined spatial envelope and with better spectral balance.


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