Pass Labs XS300 300W Monoblock Power Amplifier & Power Supply (pair)

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The Xs series monoblock power amplifiers represent the reference-quality, state-of-art amplifiers from Pass Laboratories. Through years of “spare no effort” endeavor, they represent the true pinnacle of music reproduction. The Xs 300 delivers 300 watts, employs separate power supply and amplifier chassis’ for lower noise and utilizes higher-power constant-current source. Single-ended bias current not only lowers distortion, but facilitates better control of its harmonic structure, tweaked and optimized through endless listening tests for your musical pleasure.

Awards & Reviews

“the Pass Xs preamp and Pass Xs 300 power amplifier—are efforts to provide that absolute sound without compromise in either quality or price. They are new top-of-the-line components that push the state of art in audio to its limits, and they are priced accordingly”
Xs 300 TAS Editors’ Choice Award – 2021

“Solid State Product of the Year”
-Tone Audio- USA

Editor’s choice award 2017
The Absolute Sound

“Solid State Product of the Year”
-Tone Audio- USA

“Best Performance of the Year 2014”
-Audio Art- Taiwan

“Best Products of the year 2013 Award” USA

“Some might even proclaim them as the very best”
Positive Feedback

“The end result is musically realistic and involving at every level.”
The Absolute Sound

The Absolute Sound’s 2020 Buyers guide
The Absolute Sound

Technical Specifications

Class A
Type Mono
Gain (dB) 26
Inputs XLR/RCA
Power Output /ch (8 ohm) 300
No Output devices (/ch) 112
Power Consumption (Watts) 900
Standby Power Consumption (Watts) <1
Number of Chassis 2
Unit Dimension (W x D x H) (In.) 19 x 27.5 x 11 x 2
Unit Weight (LBS) 134 / 172

Amplifiers Class A

These are Pass Laboratories ultimate expression of Power Amplifiers the perfect blend of science and visceral emotion.

If there’s a more emotionally satisfying amplifier anywhere, we’re not aware of it.

The successor to our already lavishly praised and well regarded Supersymmetry patent. Every technical effort has been made to assure exceptional specifications, among these:

Separate chassis
for lower electromagnetic noise

Power supplies
with greatly enhanced storage capacitance

Banks of redundantly parallel high speed
and soft recovery rectifiers

Noise filters
with improved high frequency

Larger and quieter transformers

Improved passive decoupling

Lower power standby

Input impedances
of 200 k-ohm balanced with negligible capacitance


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