Pro-Ject Acryl It Acrylic Platter for Turntables


Version: Acryl It Standard
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Acryl It

Acrylic Turntable Platter

Acrylic and vinyl go together like wine and cheese. Machined to match the acoustic properties of a record, the Acryl It is designed to disappear, so you hear nothing but the music on your favourite album.

Note: There are two variations of the Acryl it. Please make sure you choose the variation correct for your turntable. A detailed list is below.

Acryl It Standard is suitable for:

  • Debut turntables
  • Xpression turntables

Acryl It E is suitable for:

  • Elemental turntables
  • Primary turntables
  • Essential turntables

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