Revox Joy S22 CD Player
Revox Joy S22 CD Player
Revox Joy S22 CD Player
Revox Joy S22 CD Player
Revox Joy S22 CD Player


Revox Joy S22 CD Player

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Country of origin: Switzerland

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Joy S22 CD Player

A compact yet stylish CD player that produces great sound quality which definitely make your listening experience both convenient and enjoyable.

Insert and enjoy – the CD has been the epitome of high quality and, in particular, convenient music enjoyment for more than three decades. Use the new Joy CD Player for the greatest ease. We’ve added a compact, stylish, and technically sophisticated element to the Joy family, especially for this medium. The CD player is connected to the CD link of the Joy Receiver with a single cable, after which you can operate it using the remote control or the Joy app for ultimate convenience.


  • High-quality Cd Drive
  • True Studio Sound Quality
  • Timeless Design and High-quality Materials in a Compact System
  • Solid Aluminum Cabinet and Glass Front Panel
  • Easy Operation on the Device, Using the Revox Joy App, or Remote Control
  • Fast Cd-link Connection With Joy Network Receiver


Powerful duo

A combination often chosen by buyers of the Joy S22 CD Player is the additional choice of

a Joy Network Receiver. This is a multitalent with many selectable sources, functions and operating options as well as excellent audio quality. The Joy CD Player is connected directly to the Joy Receiver via the CD link with just a single cable. Together they play a very powerful duo.

Combination example (product information):