Revox Global Caché IR Learner
Revox Global Caché IR Learner
Revox Global Caché IR Learner
Revox Global Caché IR Learner
Revox Global Caché IR Learner


Revox Global Caché IR Learner

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Global Cache GC-IRL IR Infrared Learner

Global Caché’s GC-IRL IR Learner is a must-have tool for dealers, installers, and home automation enthusiasts.

Connect Your Systems To Any PC & The Internet

Home automation installers can use the Global Caché IR Learner to learn the full IR code spectrum (30KHz to 500KHz) using a PC. Once the codes are stored, you can use them on a networked computer or online to control any component that accepts IR commands. The IR Code Learner is perfect for use with Global Caché's line of iTach products.

  • Learns the full spectrum of IR codes
  • Captures IR commands from remote controls
  • Plugs into the serial port on a PC
  • Software converts and stores codes

The IR Code Learner plugs into your PC at the serial port, or into a USB port with a USB to Serial Cable (sold separately). Power is supplied to the learner by the RTS line of the serial port. The device is used with the included software on CD, which allows you to store IR commands on the computer.

Technical Details

Serial Interface

  • Encoding: Comma delimited ASCII text ending with a terminator
  • Connector: Female DB-9, DTE format
    • RTS, pin 7: Used for power
    • Gnd, pin 5: Signal and power ground
    • TxD, pin 3: Transmit data to the GC-IRE
    • RxD, pin 2: Received data from the GC-IRE
  • Baud Rate: 9600
  • Other: No parity, one stop bit
  • Flow Control: None
  • Power: Supplied by RTS (pin 7), must be 7 to 25 volts @ 5mA

IR Sensor Interface

  • Connector Type: 3.5mm stereo jack
  • IR Frequency Range: 30 to 500KHz
  • Power Supplied: 7 to 25 volts @ 2mA

»Global Caché GC-IRL IR Learner Technical Drawing (.pdf)
»Global Caché GC-IRL IR Learner Specification (.pdf)
»Global Caché GC-IRL IR Learner Installation Manual (.pdf)