Revox Shelf G70 Bookshelf Speakers (pair)


Revox Shelf G70 Bookshelf Speakers (pair)

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Country of origin: Switzerland

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Shelf G70

Beautifully designed 2-way bass reflex compact speaker for perfect sound with an impressive bass response even from a small size, also thanks to the D’Appolito chassis arrangement.

The ideal speaker for the bookshelf and the workplace. With its file-binder format, this 2-way loudspeaker delivers a perfect sound whilst occupying the minimum space. Actually, it is something of a shame to hide this compact “sound converter” with its high-quality, silver lacquered MDF housing and its black-backed, solid glass front, on a shelf. With its wall-mounting kit, you can position the Shelf G70 for optimum results.


  • 2-way Bass Reflex Shelf Speaker
  • True Studio Sound Quality
  • Impressive Bass Response
  • D’appolito Chassis Arrangement for a Particularly Wide Horizontal Coverage Over the Entire Frequency
  • Range, Thereby Providing Optimal Clarity at All Listening Positions
  • Same Height as a File Folder, Making It Perfect for Shelves
  • Wall Bracket Available as an Optional Accessory


Compact audio system for great music enjoyment

A frequently chosen combination of buyers of the Shelf G70 Speakers is the additional choice of

a Joy S119 Network Receiver and a Joy S22 CD Player. The Joy Network Receiver is an all-rounder with many selectable sources, functions and operating options as well as excellent audio quality. The Joy CD player offers the highest sound quality. It is connected directly to the Joy Receiver via the CD link with just a single cable. Together with the shelf speakers, they enable great music enjoyment at home.

Combination example (product information):

  • SHELF G70