Solidsteel Hyperspike HS-A Amp Stand


Made in Italy


Colour: Glossy Black
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This amp stand from Solidsteel's revered HS series will get your heavy AV equipment off the ground and onto a structure that isolates and protects it. The tripod design and stainless steel hardware make this stand a reliable support for your high-end equipment.



HS-A Amp Stand

How do you make a good power amp better? You give it the support it needs.


Your amplifier is the backbone of your hi-fi system. This high-quality tripod amp stand from premium Italian manufacturer Solidsteel is the perfect solution for supporting a large power amp and allow it to operate as efficiently as possible.

Key Features:
- Solid, sleek design
- Protects equipment from external vibration
- Resonance-free construction
- 3-pillar design improves isolation
- Included hard-floor protector pads for spikes
- Made with high-quality Italian materials
- Supports up to 80kg
- Stand measures 404 x 600 mm

Materials:Hardware: Stainless Steel

Shelves: Gloss-finished MDF

Amp Stand

Many high-performance power amplifiers and integrated amplifiers are too bulky and heavy to be supported by traditional stands or racks. This stand is a heavy-duty unit that is designed for the sole purpose of supporting your equipment and acoustically isolating it from external disturbances.

Designed with Intention. Crafted with care.

Hi-fi manufacturers attempt to minimize internal vibration in their appliances. However, this effort cannot completely protect against disturbances introduced by speakers, subwoofers, and other external factors. This is where a trustworthy stand is essential to playing your media free from disruptions to performance or damage to the equipment. Floor pads are included for protecting hard surfaces from becoming scratched by the spikes.

The three-pillar design of the HS series racks is geometrically positioned to give the unit maximum support with minimum contact with the surrounding environment. This both aids in isolating your equipment and gives the stand an air of professionalism.

Every element of this unit has been designed with the primary goal of enabling your system to perform as well as it can. From the very shape of the stand down to the rubber O-rings covering the spikes, every element has been considered. This is the Hyperspike Vibration Free System, designed by Solidsteel.


High-end speakers and amplifiers are designed to look as good as they perform. The same is true for home theatre furniture. This unit is visually striking, designed not to outshine the equipment it supports, but to praise it. The hardware is made of high-quality stainless steel, polished by a state of the art process, resulting in the eye-catching smooth and polished finish.

Ventilation Matters

Most home theatre devices need ample ventilation to ensure they don't overheat. Enclosed cabinets can cause unexpected shutdown and could potentially reduce the lifespan of your AV appliances. An advantage of a hi-fi unit like this is that it allows your equipment to breathe properly.

About the Hyperspike HS Series

The Hyperspike Series is Solidsteel's top range of products. Officially launched in 2004, it is designed to satisfy the most demanding audio enthusiast needs. Aesthetics merge with functional choices to create products that are as beautiful as they are purposeful.

In this series, there are harmonies and geometrical relationships between components. All the selected materials are of excellent quality and of Italian origin, finely worked with the high amount of care and passion that distinguishes the brand. Conceptualised with the intention to enhance your space and listening experience, the Hyperspike Series speaks for itself.

About Solidsteel

Solidsteel is an Italian company that has been creating high-quality hi-fi furniture since 1990. They specialise in high-end racks, cabinets, audio stands, speaker stands and wall-shelves for home, commercial and pro use.

Originally constructed using primarily heavy steel, the Italian company now uses a variety of materials in their production, resulting in the solid, but not immovable products the hi-fi world reveres today.

Technical Specifications

Hardware: Stainless Steel (INOX)

Shelves: MDF (medium-density fibreboard)

Sustainability for each shelf: 80 kg (176 lb)

Outer Dimensions mm | inch:

W 404 (15,9)  H 175 (6,9)  D 600 (23,6)

Inner Shelves Dimensions mm | inch:

W 404 (15,9)  H 175 (6,9)  D 600 (23,6)


  • Flat Black

  • Glossy White

  • Glossy Black


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