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If someone wants my 'top performance', I have been busy:

About 6 months ago finished a prototype of new Loco design. It has the same transimpedance gain stage of the PHONO LOCO, but the second gain stage is based on the circuit of Director Line Stage of many years ago. It has a loyal and passionate following. I dusted off that circuit, added EQ and use it as second stage.

Two of those boards in one box ---- two power supply boards in another box.

It also has a volume control (47 position stepped attenuator by Gold Point) so it is all I need between my TT and power amps. Great for the analog only person, but it can be used thru a regular preamp, of course.

No display -------- there is nothing to display.

No input selection. The only input is phono.

Volume is a manual 47 position stepped attenuator. No remote control.

It is all totally focused on doing the best possible phono playback. Most direct, more pure.

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