The Funk Firm Little Super Deck Turntable (Black) with Fx5-x Tonearm and 5mm Mat
The Funk Firm Little Super Deck Turntable (Black) with Fx5-x Tonearm and 5mm Mat

The Funk Firm

The Funk Firm Little Super Deck Turntable (Black) with Fx5-x Tonearm and 5mm Mat

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The Funk Firm Little Super Deck Turntable (Black) with Fx5-x Tonearm and 5mm Mat


22 Saint Kilda Road

Pickup available, usually ready in 2-4 days

22 Saint Kilda Road
Suite 2.02
St Kilda VIC 3182


Country of origin: United Kingdom

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Little Super Deck

First launched 2012, Funk’s mid-priced Little Super Deck has surprised those who have heard it, finding that it really does dig more music from the grooves.

But how do you know it delivers? Go and compare…we’re happy putting it up against decks costing up to twice as much.

When you do try it, be ready to agree that Funk’s “Little Super Deck” is aptly named. Industry experts would happen to agree with us, with a wide range of glowing reviews prove our point.

“Throughout my listening I felt involved in the music rather then just listening to it, which is surely the whole point… a belt drive turntable of unusual stability that will have a rock steady tone and an arm that is well damped and vibrationally inert unequivocal five globes”

HiFi World

The Funk Firm's excellent "Little Super Deck" turntable playing The Doors "Strange Days" track on vinyl. See my review of the turntable here http://www.mattw...

Little Super Deck 2

The deck with “Perfect Measurements”

LSD 2 has an all new layout and comes complete with all the features Funk offers in one compact package. Improving on “The best”, is never easy but incremental is the way to go. LSD is now powered by Smoothie, to an improved speed control circuit; We start with Achromat and Houdini creating the central Isolation Bubble. The F.X derived FX5X tonearm returns a highly respectable 10dB resonance peak and external seismic influences are handled by Bo!ng’s.

Proven, affordable and truly world class performance !

LSD 2 - Stylish and understated

LSD 2’s 3-Pulley Vectoring Drive System.

LSD 2 Instructions

How do we do it?

The platter rotates on top of a quality, hand burnished bearing. In turn, this is driven by a superb DC motor for ultra low vibrations. The platter is made from heavy glass to allow for a consistent speed.

Little Super Deck is the entry point for Funk’s now famous three-pulley Vector drive system, which reduces distortion and improves accuracy of sound.

Germany’s Audio magazine gave Little Super Deck top honours for technical excellence and its sonic purity meant it went into their exclusive “Reference” section for turntables.

Having started with a solid foundation for the turntable itself, what of the arm?

Funk’s new FX5X (FX3 tonearm also an option) may be budget priced, its performance, however, is anything but. It will happily handle cartridges costing as much as the deck and the music simply keeps flowing.

Its clever variable mass tracking weight system helps optimise the arm for different cartridges. A nifty headshell that makes and easy job of fitting and changing cartridges. More than that adjusting the important parameters of overhang and azimuth are all done using just a single screw.

“The LSD strikes such a good equilibrium of basic, balanced aesthetics and the ability to reveal a lot of music that it may actually be a destination turntable for many analog aficionados. Those stepping up from anything in the $500-to-$1,000 range will be shocked at how much music is lurking in their record collection.

And because of this, we are happy to award it one of our Exceptional Value Awards for 2013.”

ToneAudio Magazine

We start with FX5-X as the top model of the range, which also boasts Funk’s variable mass, sliding weight on a calibrated tube. This not only makes setting tracking weight straightforward, moving coil cartridges are typically low compliance than moving magnets and so benefit from an arm with higher mass, which is what the sliding weight allows.

It also has a more substantial support plate with a proprietary lift mechanism and dedicated rest. The combination is altogether substantial yet sleek.