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This album was recorded over 5 days with a live audience. The best takes were selected to create this double album. Only 2 microphones were used, and the recording has become renowned for its incredible performance and sound quality.

Vivaldi In Venice 2LP Vinyl

Chasing The Dragon's first "Direct Cut" album was of the Interpreti Veneziani performing a wonderful version of Vivaldi's Four Seasons. When chatting with Paolo, the orchestra's organizer, CTD discovered the group had never taken part in a 'live' recording. They have always performed in the San Vidal Church which is in the Accademia area of Venice. The acoustics in the church are outstanding. So after some discussion with the orchestra, they were convinced to record a live double album there. This would mean that a small crew would have to go to Venice and record 5 live concerts. It's a dirty job, but somebody had to do it! The jump factor of this album really has to be heard!


- Audiophile Demonstration Album
- Double LP
- Gatefold album
- Live recording with audience
- 180-gram vinyl
- Mastered at Air Studios in London
- Produced by Mike Valentine & Françoise Valentine

"For many years Francoise and I at Chasing the Dragon have had the pleasure of visiting Venice, where we would attend concerts given by the leading chamber orchestra; Interpreti Veneziani. These superb musicians, combined with the beautiful acoustics of San Vidal Church, create a wonderful concert event. Recently, we had the opportunity to record 5 live concerts, which we have combined together to present to you the pleasure of being amongst the audience yourself. We really hope you enjoy this album!"

- Mike Valentine, Chasing The Dragon

Chasing The Dragon Vivaldi In Venice Vinyl Review

"This time, Mike Valentine and his team travelled to Venice to record on Interpreti Veneziani’s home territory. San Vidal Church is an excellent venue with superb acoustics, which have been carefully controlled for recording projects by the use of carpeting fitted to some of the church pillars. One of Valentine’s main goals was to capture the acoustics of the church during the recording sessions so that the resultant LPs could re-create not only the music but also the ambience of the venue."

"Right from the outset, the energy, enthusiasm and effortless mastery of the music performed by Interpreti Veneziani are splendidly captured on LP. The recording quality of the whole album is exceptional, and I was immediately transported back to Venice and my experience of the concerts."

Read the full Applause Award review on StereoNET

Vivaldi in Venice Review

"Vivaldi In Venice is one of the most gorgeous sounding and exquisitely played LPs I've heard in quite some time... an exceptional, and exceptionally natural, sounding recording, one so convincingly lifelike, so intimately present, so detailed and richly textured, that it's akin to being transported to the venue itself - or at least as far as a recording can deliver us... the sound is breathtakingly beautiful, with a naturally warm and singing string tone and marvellous detail and textures, all presented with a notable lack of artifice and relaxed ease. The venue is clearly intimate yet spacious, with pillows of air around the players and the listener placed in the front row of the audience... As you might guess, my conclusion is simple: Buy this record"

Read the double-5-star review on The Absolute Sound


LP1 - Side A

1. "Violin Concerto in B minor, RV. 386" - Antonio Vivaldi

Violin: Giovanni Agazi
- Allegro
- Larghetto
- Allegro

2. "Violin Concerto in A Major, D. 96" - Giuseppe Tartini

- Largo

LP1 - Side B

1. "Violin Concerto in E minor, D. 56" - Giuseppe Tartini

- Allegro
- Andante
- Allegro

2. "Concerto Grosso in D Major, Op. 6, No. 4" - Arcangelo Corelli

- Allegro

LP2 - Side A

1. "La Follia" Trio Sonata, RV. 63" - Antonio Vivaldi

2. "Violin and Cello Concerto, RV. 546" - Antonio Vivaldi

Violin: Giacobbe Stevanato
Cello: Davide Amadio
- Allegro moderato
- Andante
- Allegro Molto

LP2 - Side B

1. "Bassoon Concerto in E minor, RV. 484" - Antonio Vivaldi

Bassoon: Andrea Bressan
- Allegro Poco
- Andante
- Allegro

2. "Cello Concerto in A Major, RV. 419" - Antonio Vivaldi

Cello: Davide Amadio
- Allegro
- Andante
- Allegro


- Sonia Amadio
- Tommaso Bagnati
- Paolo Ciociola
- Paolo Cognolato
- Giuliano Fontanella
- Angelo Liziero
- Anania Maritan
- Pietro Talamini
- Giovanni Agazzi, violin (LP1/1)
- Federico Braga, violin (LP1/2)
- Nicola Granillo, violin (LP1/3)
- Giacobbe Stevanato, violin (LP2/2)
- Davide Amadio, cello (LP2/2 & 4)
- Andrea Bressan, bassoon (LP2/3)

Chasing The Dragon Audiophile Recordings

Chasing The Dragon have become known as one of the leading producers of audiophile recordings. The UK label owned by Mike Valentine offers Direct Cut LPs. Audiophile LPs, CDs, and Master Tapes which will demonstrate the potential of your Hi-Fi system.

Chasing The Dragon's releases are so detailed, if you take the time to familiarise yourself with the subtleties of these reference-level recordings, the next time you make any changes, big or small, to your Hi-Fi system, the differences will be notable.


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