Brand choices

At HeyNow Hi-Fi my goal is to find the right solution for all my customers.

This includes understanding your needs and designing a solution that will satisfy you.

With many years in the industry I have been able to partner up with many brands and to understand their technologies.

There are many factors that influence the decision for me to carry a brand or product. Among them are:

    • The reliability of the product - no point having something that sounds great but doesn’t work.
    • The performance of the product - It must sound great and be a reasonable contender for best in class
    • It must represent good value whatever the price - Something cheap is not as good value as something that costs more but lasts better & performs better. It is very important to me that products make sense in their price point and stand up against world pricing.
    • It must be easy to use - I sell solutions intended to help you relax at home. if the product is complex to use and causes frustration then you’re not going to relax. .
    • It must be made sustainably - sustainability includes the choice of materials, quality of workmanship, longevity of use and how recyclable it is
    • Partnering with some of Australia’s best Hi-Fi brand distributors greatly increases my ability to offer sound solutions for my clients.
    • My suppliers mostly keep stock and spare parts.
    • Offer parity pricing against overseas markets.
    • Are easy to do business with and therefore help me to offer you the best solutions with confidence.
    • Offer me great resources and training on their products which allows me to make educated recommendations for you.
    • My suppliers back their products with warranty and help desks, this allows me to help you with get the most out of your purchase.