With over 30 years of experience in the Hi-Fi retail space, Geoff at HeyNow Hi-Fi can assist you with new products, upgrades, or downsizing of your system no matter where you are on your Hi-Fi journey. HeyNow Hi-Fi provides advice for people who are just starting to become interested in getting a sound system, through to the most experienced music lovers and audiophiles.

With a purpose built, listening space in St. Kilda (only 7km from Melbourne’s CBD) HeyNow Hi-Fi is able to provide appointment-only private demonstrations of your desired products, in a luxurious home apartment setting. HeyNow Hi-Fi can also install your purchases, and can design home theatres and media rooms, along with multi-room solutions and outdoor landscaped speaker systems for your home. 

Through this website, you’ll be able to easily browse, compare and shop your favourite Hi-Fi brands, with free shipping anywhere in Australia. 

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For the sound advice you’ve been looking for, Geoff at HeyNow Hi-Fi is a phone call, text message, or email away. 

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HeyNow Hi-Fi is a Hi-Fi store unlike the others.

Welcome to HeyNow Hi-Fi. I, Geoff Haynes, am passionate about creating Hi-Fi and home cinema solutions.

HeyNow Hi-Fi is a Hi-Fi store unlike the others. HeyNow has been purpose designed as a contemporary apartment, incorporating a media room and home theatre to enable realistic demonstrations as if in the comfort of your own home.

I am here to help people who want a home entertainment system, but find they can’t get the help they expect, like being able to hear what they want to, customer service, having the questions they ask answered, someone with knowledge taking the time to listen and help. By making an appointment to meet me, I will take the time with you to listen and answer your questions while helping you to get the experience you’re looking for. I stock most of the best AV brands available, I understand the technology and don’t expect you to. I’ll help you through the whole process and will be there afterwards to answer any of your questions.


Call me for all your Hi-Fi, home cinema, music streaming and multi room audio enquiries.


HeyNow Hi-Fi offers you my hand selected portfolio of products and systems from today’s leading brands... and coffee.


Whether you’re renovating or building or just want to buy great sound and visual equipment, my team of professionals and myself are ready and eager to help you.

A little about me

I love music - recorded and live. I love all kinds of music. I enjoy pop/rock most. My favourite era is 70s-80s. I’m appreciating more classical and jazz these days. I'm always open to any music that someone wants to play for me. I won't always like it, but I don’t judge.

My first concert I went to was Dire Straits in the early 90s and my second was Metallica’s Black album a few months later.

Favourite band has always been U2 and I had the pleasure of seeing them twice in 2019 which became my 7th time seeing them.

I’ve seen classical concerts in Denmark, Vienna and Salzburg and Jazz concerts in New Orleans, Minneapolis New York and in Melbourne

Movies - Blockbusters and Independent - the story is important to me as much as the special effects, sound and picture. I can’t tolerate a poor picture though. I love sci-fi, action, drama, disasters and comedies. I love it when a movie shows different places in the world. I love Star-Wars and James Bond movies, all the action movies of the late 80s and nineties as well as Hitchcock's and classics.

My passion beyond the industry I’ve chosen is history and travel. I love to travel and see places and things from the history books in places like Rome, Egypt and England - I love all the museums, temples, churches, pyramids all over the world.

This gives you a little insight to break the ice when you come in for a chat.