Benchmark AHB2 Amplifier: Engineering Precision Unleashed

HeyNow Hi-Fi invites you to explore the pinnacle of amplifier technology with Benchmark's AHB2 Power Amplifier. Immerse yourself in the journey of Benchmark, where innovation meets audio excellence, as we uncover the technology behind the AHB2, delve into the brand's origins, and introduce the HPA4 and LA4.

Origins of Benchmark: Pioneering Professional Audio

Benchmark was born from the world of professional audio recording. Established by audio engineers seeking uncompromising quality, Benchmark's journey began in the heart of recording studios. This professional heritage laid the foundation for a brand bridging the gap between studio-grade precision and audiophile perfection.

AHB2 Amplifier Technology: The Pursuit of Sonic Transparency

Benchmark's AHB2 Amplifier is a testament to the brand's commitment to sonic transparency and accuracy. At its core lies the THX Achromatic Audio Amplifier (AAA™) technology. This patented design ensures an incredibly low level of distortion and noise, resulting in an amplifier that faithfully reproduces the source material without adding any colouration.

THX Achromatic Audio Amplifier (AAA™): Benchmark's AAA™ technology eliminates crossover distortion, a common challenge in amplifier design. This technology, combined with precision components, results in an amplifier that achieves ultra-low distortion levels and exceptional signal-to-noise ratios.

HPA4 Headphone Amplifier and LA4 Line Amplifier: Precision in Every Detail

Benchmark's commitment to precision extends to their other products, including the HPA4 Headphone Amplifier and LA4 Line Amplifier.

HPA4 Headphone Amplifier: The HPA4 is renowned for its transparent and dynamic performance. With a low-noise floor and exceptional power, it provides an immersive headphone listening experience that rivals the precision of studio monitoring.

LA4 Line Amplifier: The LA4 Line Amplifier exemplifies Benchmark's dedication to transparency. With its low distortion and wide frequency response, the LA4 ensures that your audio signal remains pure and unaltered, preserving the integrity of your music.

Sound Characteristics: Transparency, Precision, and Musicality

Benchmark products are celebrated for their sound characteristics, marked by transparency, precision, and musicality. The pursuit of sonic perfection guides the design process, resulting in audio components that reveal the true essence of your music. Benchmark products provide an accurate and uncoloured soundstage, allowing you to experience your favourite music with unprecedented clarity and detail.

Explore Benchmark's Sonic Excellence at HeyNow Hi-Fi:

Immerse yourself in Benchmark's audio mastery at HeyNow Hi-Fi, where the AHB2 Amplifier, HPA4 Headphone Amplifier, and LA4 Line Amplifier await your discovery. Experience the sonic precision that defines Benchmark's legacy, and elevate your audio journey with products engineered to exceed audiophile expectations.



" Combine the AHB2's superb sound quality with its low weight, low noise, low heat, and low cost, and it's clearly an amplifier that must be heard—even by those who can afford amps costing as much as 10 times more. That makes the AHB2 more than a Benchmark. That makes it a bargain."


"...the Benchmark AHB2 can become a great anchor to your system, offering high performance in a compact box. With an extremely neutral tonal balance, you can use it straight, or warm it up with a tube preamplifier, should that be your preference. Either way, the AHB2 is a stellar performer from a company known for excellence."

-Tone Publications

"AHB2 was the definition of a wire-with-gain amplifier that never stood in the way of my music."

-Sound News

"The HPA4 can drive pretty much anything, its resolution is truly remarkable, and you will likely hear your music with an acuity as never before."

-the ear net

"Without a doubt Benchmark HPA4 is an end-game, top of the line headphone amp – it’s The One to rule them All."


"An outstandingly good headphone amplifier, the HPA4 will get the best out of your high‑quality headphones. Not inexpensive but it should last a lifetime!"



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