KLH Speakers: Embracing Retro Revival with Timeless Sound

Retro Revival: Bringing Classic Sound into the Modern Era

KLH Speakers embodies the essence of retro revival, seamlessly blending timeless design with cutting-edge audio technology. With a nod to the golden age of hi-fi, KLH resurrects the iconic sound of the past, infusing it with modern innovation to create speakers that captivate both audiophiles and nostalgia enthusiasts alike.

A Legacy of Innovation: The History of KLH and Henry Kloss

Founded in 1957 by audio pioneer Henry Kloss, KLH quickly established itself as a trailblazer in the world of audio engineering. Kloss's relentless pursuit of sonic excellence led to numerous groundbreaking innovations, including the Model 5, a legendary speaker that set new standards for performance and affordability.

Introducing the Speakers: Model 5, Model 3, and Kendall F2

Model 5: Paying homage to the iconic original, the KLH Model 5 combines retro styling with modern craftsmanship. With its signature acoustic suspension design and precision-engineered drivers, the Model 5 delivers the rich, detailed sound that made its predecessor a legend.

Model 3: Compact yet powerful, the KLH Model 3 offers a perfect balance of performance and versatility. Whether used as bookshelf speakers or part of a home theater setup, the Model 3 delivers stunning clarity and dynamics, bringing your favorite music and movies to life.

Kendall F2: The flagship of the KLH lineup, the Kendall F2 represents the pinnacle of audio engineering. Featuring advanced driver technology, precision crossover design, and meticulous cabinet construction, the Kendall F2 delivers a listening experience that is nothing short of extraordinary.

Experience KLH at HeyNow Hi-Fi:

Why choose KLH at HeyNow Hi-Fi?

Retro Revival: KLH speakers combine timeless design with modern innovation for a truly unique listening experience.

Legacy of Innovation: Founded by audio pioneer Henry Kloss, KLH has a rich history of groundbreaking audio engineering.

Unrivaled Sound Quality: From the legendary Model 5 to the flagship Kendall F2, KLH speakers deliver exceptional clarity, detail, and dynamics.

Rediscover the magic of hi-fi with KLH speakers at HeyNow Hi-Fi. Immerse yourself in the timeless sound of the past, reimagined for the modern era.



"The KLH Model Three possesses the spirit of youth—vitality, confidence, hope for the future. It has a young heart, like me."


"These headphones are a blast to use – they’re exciting, packed with details, tactile, and speedy!"


"HiFi Expert and KLH presented us with a headphone that's a bit tight in the earpad size, but provides one of the most satisfying basshead experiences I've had with open back headphones, all without forgetting the technicalities and keeping an excellent detail, resolution, clarity, and instrument separation."


"The Ultimate Ones are unusual headphones in that they’re designed for serious listening, but they have a full and satisfying tonal balance that’s more like what you’d hear in the best mainstream headphones, with a strong, broad peak in the bass balanced by a little bit of emphasis in the mid-treble."

-Soundstage Solo

"One especially attractive aspect of the KLH Ultimate One’s sound was an extremely natural and relaxed sonic presentation that always sounds musical."

-The absolute sound

"In summary, if you bought a pair of Model Fives for their looks, you’d get the bonus of great sound."


"This is a music lover's speaker system that looks and sounds fantastic, earning it a Home Theater Review Editor's Choice award."

-Home Theater Review

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KLHKLH Model Three Bookshelf Speakers - Pair
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