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IK Multimedia

From studio-standard processing software and virtual instruments to cutting-edge mobile hardware, IK Multimedia is a cornerstone of the modern music production world. No matter what you do or what kind of environment you work in, IK Multimedia has something to offer. 



The Precisions offer a hell of a lot of speaker and specs for the cash and are some of the best speakers we have auditioned.

-Compute Music

"This is utterly incredible. It has ridiculously good-sounding amps!”

-Tonex one

"..equivalently-specced Genelec SAMs, but you may find you like them as much or even more. They definitely punch way above their weight, despite the price."

-Digital Dj Tips

"I honestly don’t know anything else I can detract from these monitors."


"The iLoud MTM sounds and kind of looks like a "multimedia" speaker but it clearly enjoys much better design. Tonality is neutral and sound is wonderful as a result."

-Audioscience Review

"The IK Multimedia iLoud MTM monitors sound fantastic. They’re the perfect choice for anyone needing accurate detailed sound while working in an acoustically compromised environment."