Aesthetix: Where Sonic Artistry Meets Engineering Precision

HeyNow Hi-Fi proudly presents Aesthetix, a brand that seamlessly blends sonic artistry with engineering precision, creating an audio experience that transcends expectations. Founded by the visionary Jim White, Aesthetix has become synonymous with high-end Hi-Fi components that deliver unparalleled musicality and craftsmanship.

Founder's Vision: Jim White

Aesthetix is the brainchild of Jim White, a revered figure in the audio industry known for his uncompromising pursuit of audio perfection. With a passion for tube-based technology, White has dedicated his career to creating audio components that bring out the full spectrum of musical expression, earning Aesthetix a reputation for setting new benchmarks in audio excellence.

Mimas Integrated Amplifier: A Musical Powerhouse

The Mimas Integrated Amplifier is a testament to Aesthetix's commitment to musical purity. With a hybrid design that combines tubes and solid-state technology, the Mimas effortlessly delivers power and finesse. It's not just an amplifier; it's a musical powerhouse that breathes life into your favorite tracks, revealing nuances you may have never heard before.

Saturn Preamplifier: Unveiling Sonic Brilliance

Enter the world of sonic brilliance with the Saturn Preamplifier. This meticulously crafted preamp is designed to be the heart of your audio system, providing the transparency and control necessary to bring out the best in your music. Its versatile features and precise volume control make it an essential component for audiophiles seeking the highest level of fidelity.

Titan Power Amplifier: Unleashing Power and Control

The Titan Power Amplifier is a tour de force in high-end audio. Known for its robust design and exceptional control, the Titan delivers an authoritative and dynamic sound that captivates listeners. This power amplifier is a true workhorse, driving speakers with finesse and authority, ensuring an impactful and refined musical experience.

Signature and Eclipse Upgrades: Elevating Excellence

Aesthetix understands that excellence is an ever-evolving journey. That's why they offer Signature and Eclipse upgrades for their components. These upgrades represent the pinnacle of Aesthetix's engineering prowess, enhancing the performance of your Mimas, Saturn, or Titan to new heights. The Signature and Eclipse upgrades redefine what is possible, allowing you to experience your music with unprecedented clarity and emotion.

Explore Aesthetix at Heynow Hi-Fi

Immerse yourself in the world of Aesthetix at HeyNow Hi-Fi, where the pursuit of sonic excellence is a way of life. Discover the transformative power of the Mimas Integrated Amplifier, Saturn Preamplifier, and Titan Power Amplifier, enhanced by the Signature and Eclipse upgrades. Elevate your audio experience with Aesthetix, where passion for music meets cutting-edge engineeringfavourite



"Simply Phenomenal inner detail,vast soundstaging..."

-The Absolute Sound

"An Extraordinary combination of sonic performance and useful features..."


"...extraordinary workmanship and exceptionally good sound..."

-Stereo Magazine, Germany

"...astonishing levels of details and impressive scale..."

-What Hi-Fi?

"...hours of glorious, fatigue-free listening..."

-The Absolute Sound

"...the most natural sounding phono stage we have ever heard..."

-What HiFi?

"It does everything better than any phono stage I have heard..."

-The Absolute Sound



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