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Chord Electronics

Chord Electronics: Redefining Sonic Excellence

Step into the realm of sonic innovation with Chord Electronics, a brand synonymous with cutting-edge DAC technology and a commitment to unparalleled audio quality. At HeyNow Hi-Fi, we proudly present Chord's extraordinary lineup, featuring products such as Mojo II, Hugo II, HugoTT, and the MScalar. Explore the distinct sound signature, renowned DAC technology, and the visual sophistication of Chord's amplifiers and pre-amps.

Revolutionary DAC Technology: Unveiling Musical Nuances

Chord Electronics is a pioneer in DAC technology, consistently pushing the boundaries of what's possible in digital audio. Their proprietary FPGA-based DACs in products like Mojo II, Hugo II, and HugoTT redefine digital-to-analog conversion. Experience an audio revelation where musical nuances are unveiled with astonishing clarity and precision.

Distinct Sound Signature: An Audiophile's Delight

Chord Electronics has cultivated a distinct sound signature characterised by transparency, detail, and an expansive soundstage. Whether you're delving into the portable brilliance of Mojo II or the desktop sophistication of Hugo II and HugoTT, Chord's commitment to sonic excellence ensures an audiophile's delight, revealing the true essence of your favourite music.

Key Products: Mojo II, Hugo II, HugoTT, and MScalar

Mojo II: Experience pocket-sized perfection with the Mojo II, a portable DAC/amplifier that defies its size, delivering a performance that transcends expectations.

Hugo II: Elevate your desktop audio experience with the Hugo II, a powerful DAC/headphone amplifier with reference-level performance.

HugoTT: Enter the world of high-end audio with the HugoTT, a desktop DAC/pre-amp that combines technical prowess with exquisite design.

MScalar: Unleash the potential of your digital audio with the MScalar, a groundbreaking upscaling device that enhances the resolution of your music files.

Amplifiers and Pre-Amps: Sonic Craftsmanship Unleashed

Chord's amplifiers and pre-amps embody sonic craftsmanship, delivering a purity of sound that resonates with audiophiles. Immerse yourself in a musical landscape where every note is rendered with unparalleled accuracy, whether driving headphones or powering your speakers.

Color-Coded Lights: A Visual Symphony

Chord Electronics adds a visual symphony to the auditory experience with its distinct colour-coded lights. Each hue corresponds to specific settings or functionalities, creating an intuitive and visually engaging user experience. The colour-coded lights enhance the overall aesthetic appeal and functionality of Chord's products, reflecting the brand's dedication to form and function.

Explore Chord Electronics at HeyNow Hi-Fi: Where Innovation Meets Audio Mastery

Embark on an audio journey of innovation and mastery with Chord Electronics at HeyNow Hi-Fi. Immerse yourself in the world of revolutionary DAC technology, experience the distinct sound signature, and marvel at the visual sophistication of Chord's amplifiers and pre-amps. Chord Electronics is at HeyNow Hi-Fi, where every sound becomes an extraordinary moment.



"The Hugo 2 is excellent as a DAC and it comes with the ability to amplify some headphones and IEMs extremely well in a package that can be picked up and moved about and not tethered to a wall power outlet."


"As a portable DAC+headphone amplifier, the Hugo 2 has superb performance. As a Desktop product, its USB noise sensitivity is disappointing but otherwise performance is very good. Mind you, desktop products at far, far lower costs run circles around it. So if that is your application, I highly suggest you look elsewhere."


"Chord Electronics' Hugo TT is a great DAC. Its sound is detailed but not in your face, and I found it a complete pleasure to listen to."


"Chord’s Mojo2 is so far one of the best all-in-one units we’ve tried at €600 and as such, it’s my pleasure awarding it with our highest Gold Award."


"The Hugo quickly won me over and has become my main DAC/amp at the office and my desktop DAC at home – it simply is that good. A recommended buy? How the hell could it not?!"


"The Chord Electronics Anni amplifier is a beautifully designed small amplifier with a surprisingly big and joyful sound signature. It has enough power to drive a wide range of headphones so those concerned about being single-ended only should rest at ease."


 "The Chord Electronics Ultima 6 is incredibly neutral, is as rugged as Stonehenge, and looks way cooler than 99% of audio gear out there."

-Soundstage Ultra

"When I think of Hugo, only superlatives come in my mind and I can hardly restrain myself from writing “WOW, Amazing, Excellent, Incredible”, etc.


"..the Chord Symphonic is a killer MC phono preamplifier. It is well worth its asking price."


"The Qutest qualifies as a solid piece of engineering at a reasonable price that delivers digital music with power and finesse. What’s not to like?"

-The Absolute Sound

" Yes, Chord's Mojo is beautifully styled. But it also produced beautiful sound quality with all four of the headphones with which I tried it. All I can say is "Wow!"


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