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What's in a name?

An interview with Eric, one of the founders of Dutch & Dutch.

How did it all start? Who were there?

Mid 2015, Dutch & Dutch was established in Maassluis by five founders. Martijn, Kevin, Eric, Koen and George.

Koen did his graduation project at the company Eric was working at at the time. Kevin joined that company to help with mathematical optimization of processes and writing better algorithms. Martijn was already building cardioid speakers and was invited to team up with the others. George, being an audiophile as well, knew the importance of good audio equipment and was therefore also asked to join.

Why the name Dutch & Dutch? How does it relate to the products?

At the very beginning, the owners wanted to come up with a name that would represent the core values of the company, perfectionism (accuracy), transparency, honesty, efficiency and friendliness. The first name was actually Swiss & Dutch. “Swiss” because the Swiss are famous for their precision craftsmanship and Dutch because of the Dutch mentality and openness and because, well.. we are Dutch.
We quickly realized however that our company and employees had no relation to anything from Switzerland, so we decided to change the name to Dutch & Dutch. The name still represents the core values but now feels more justified.

The name Dutch & Dutch was chosen to emphasize the Dutch mentality that’s behind their products. Straight to the point, form-follows-function but keeping a sleek, clean design.

How did the company get to where it is right now?

“Dutch & Dutch is somewhat of a lucky accident. Martijn had been working on cardioid speakers for years. Before joining, Kevin built up years of experience in software design and managing large software platforms. George has over 20 years of experience in the audio industry, renting out all sorts of audio equipment. I myself have been prototyping mechatronic products, and making them production ready, for a long time before D&D. everything came together quite nicely.
Originally we focused on a P/A product, called Pro Fidelity. The idea was that it looked great, sounded great and could be used to reduce noise nuisance by combining interference controlling technology with directional speakers. It turned out most clients were interested in a P/A speaker that sounded very good OR looked really well OR reduced noise nuisance – not all three at once.”

The founders decided to take the project to a new level and put 3 years of intensive engineering in the 8c. In august 2017, Dutch & Dutch moved to Rotterdam. Apart from a much better logistic location, the mentality of Rotterdam fits the company well. Stop talking, start doing (albeit the literal translation is a little more crass). Although the original plan was to outsource production and assembly of the 8c, one month after the move the production and assembly lines returned to D&D’s office. An unfortunate but necessary move to ensure quality.

At the end of 2017 the first 8c was shipped to a consumer. This was an internal interview with Eric van Duin. CEO of Dutch & Dutch.

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