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Dutch & Dutch

Immerse Yourself in Studio-Quality Sound with Dutch & Dutch at HeyNow Hi-Fi!

Experience the pinnacle of audio excellence with Dutch & Dutch, available now at HeyNow Hi-Fi. Redefine your listening experience with speakers renowned for their active design, studio-quality sound, innovative room correction technology, and seamless integration with the Roon music streamer.

Active Design: Precision Engineering in Motion

Dutch & Dutch speakers are meticulously engineered with an active design, ensuring optimal performance and precise control over every aspect of the audio reproduction process. The integration of amplification directly into the speaker enclosure eliminates the need for external amplifiers, resulting in a streamlined setup and unparalleled sonic performance.

Studio-Quality Sound: True Fidelity, Uncompromised

Indulge in studio-quality sound reproduction with Dutch & Dutch speakers. Designed to deliver a flat frequency response and exceptional clarity across the entire audio spectrum, our speakers capture the essence of the original recording with unmatched precision and fidelity. Rediscover your favorite tracks with newfound depth and detail.

Room Correction Technology: Tailored Sound for Your Space

Dutch & Dutch speakers feature innovative room correction technology that analyzes and compensates for acoustic anomalies in your listening environment. By precisely adjusting the speaker's output to account for room reflections and resonances, our speakers ensure that you experience the music as it was intended, regardless of your room's acoustics.

Roon Music Streamer Integration: Seamless Connectivity

Experience seamless integration with the Roon music streamer, allowing you to effortlessly stream high-resolution audio from your favorite music services and local library. With Roon compatibility, Dutch & Dutch speakers provide a sophisticated playback solution that delivers uncompromising sound quality and intuitive control.

Expert Guidance at HeyNow Hi-Fi

At HeyNow Hi-Fi, our team of audio enthusiasts is dedicated to helping you find the perfect Dutch & Dutch solution for your listening needs. Whether you're a professional audiophile or a casual music lover, we provide expert guidance to ensure that you get the most out of your audio setup.

Visit HeyNow Hi-Fi for the Dutch & Dutch Experience

Why choose Dutch & Dutch at HeyNow Hi-Fi?

Active Design for Precise Control

Studio-Quality Sound Reproduction

Innovative Room Correction Technology

Seamless Integration with Roon Music Streamer

Expert Guidance from HeyNow Hi-Fi

Transform your listening space into a haven of audio excellence with Dutch & Dutch speakers. Explore our range of active speakers and experience the difference that precision engineering and studio-quality sound can make in your audio journey.



"Science is there to be used, not to dictate what is true."

-Stereophile Magazine

"If you want to hear the future of fidelity, grab yourself an audition forthwith."


"They sounded realistic and transparent, and belying somewhat pro-audio appearance , sonically they entirely "disappeard" in my room."

-Soundstage Hifi

"It's a truly full-range system with enough dynamic range and power for almost any domestic situation."

-Stereophile Magazine

"The Dutch & Dutch 8c speaker is the single most important upgrade to my workflow in years and I bring a pair everywhere I go."

-Michael Hynes

"After measuring in my 8c I can say this is the best and most linear sounding room I've ever worked in."  

-Stephan Bodzin

"The reproduction of the D&D 8c is really superb, much better than that of our usual speaker."

-Tryphon Blog

"In summing up the Dutch & Dutch 8c's measured performance, all I can say is,,Wow!"

-Stereophile magazine

"If you have $12,500 to spend on speakers - whether because you're an audiophile or you work depends on good sound - it's hard to imagine a better way to spend it."

-The next web

"The best sounding audio product is the one that exhibits the least audible flaws."

-Researcher in acoustics

"The Dutch & Dutch 8c speaker is the single most important upgrade to my workflow in years and I bring a pair everywhere I go."

-Michael Hynes / Producer at Nomatic Studious

"Response was even and smooth from the lowest to highest frequencies, and I've rarely heard such a stable centre image, almost like having an additional monitor there."

-Audio Media International

"You can have the most mind-blowing speakers in the world but if for whatever reasong the work you on them doesn't sound right elsewhere, what's the point? The physical room you are working in and how your speakers interact with it- is equally crucial."

-Lars Fox / Grammy Nominated music editor


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