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Charles Kirmuss, the Inventor

Part of his portfolio, he is a respected speaker at various Global Sources Trade Show Events worldwide due to his extensive knowledge on the subject of overseas product procurement, quality control, IP Ptotection and manufacturing.

As an audiophile that is passionate about analog audio, he has leveraged his overseas contacts and has first introduced his bespoke cables and connectors in 2016, and the KA-RC-1 in 2018.

Now with over 2,000 systems sold in North America in 2019, the KA-RC-1 Ultrasonic Record Record Restoration System has been recognized by record custodians and expert reviewers as well as audiophiles alike as a RECORD GROOVE RESTORATION SYSTEM and not just a record cleaner.

An "Audio-nerd" since 1968:

Charles Kirmuss has been involved with audio first as a hobby since the age of 6 years old; building speaker enclosures and tube amplifiers! Every Friday, in his high school years he took the Metro and walked 4 miles down Montreal's famous Ste. Catherine Street from one end to the other, visiting the half dozen audio shops and ending his weekly store visits at The Audio Shop until closing time.

At Man & His World in 1973 and 1974 Charles had the chance to run the SPECTRAPHONIA sound and light show featuring a tape driven 26 channel colour organ with 26 - 100 watt McIntoshLabs amps.

Having built colour organs and audio equipment through the years; in his professional career he has pioneered the design and manufacture of RF GPS Situational awareness terminals for Icom America, audio and video signal cables for his own circle of clients, as well as digital video and audio recorders and servers for Homeland Security use as an OEM for companies such as Ikegami and Hitachi of Japan as well as US based companies Vicon Industries and DigaNet. Of late he manufactures smart intelligent batteries and chargers for leading two way radio manufacturers visible at every US airport and is leading the charge for LED lighting solutions for greenhouses.

He holds several Patents. He is truly PASSIONATE about what he does and now considers himself a "VINYL NERD"! ...And HE LOVES IT! The record restoration product has received global acclaim and has surpassed his other divisions in sales.

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