Kirmuss Audio KA-RS-1 Record Spinner


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Kirmuss Audio KA-RS-1 Record Spinner

Made from machined Delrin plastic, it comes with both a 5” felt for LP’s and 10” records as well as a felt for 45’s.
Sold as a separate accessory item, it facilitates users with the record restoration process when processing a record, either applying the ionizing surfactant, drying, or polishing.

With the appropriate sized felt mat placed on top of the plastic platter, records now may be easily spun thus facilitating and speeding up the restoration process.

The support may also be used as a transport device to shuttle records between the record sleeve and turntable as a record support. This after the restoration system has been put away. Now it can also become part of your daily record auditioning!

In the record groove restoration process the main advantage is where the record is now suspended off of the work area by 1” (2.54 cm) as well as where it facilitates spinning the record around when working in the ionizing spray surfactant into the record’s grooves or in record polishing.

Supplied with every KA-RC-1 Record Groove Restoration System is a 4” (Model KA-MT-3) and 5” (Model KA-MT-2) felt pad. One places the felt mat onto the supplied rabbit workstation cloth. (Model KA-MF-1). The felt suspends the record off of the rabbit microfibre workstation table cover when one is applying the ionizing surfactant or polishing the record after groove restoration.


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