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An audio system is usually an array of components brought together with one clear aim.

To playback a musical performance recorded at an earlier date.

Over a lifetime of listening to music , you may not understand musical theory but you brain begins to understand its concepts the more one listens to it. And the more adventurous the music you listen to the more the brain intuitively understands advanced concepts.

If you believe that a record is an art form then a recoding designed for multiple playbacks over time is solely concerned with capturing a performance. What designates an audio system worth investing your time and money is one that brings to life the essence of the performance captured.

So it seems quite appropriate to appraise the effectiveness of such a system against the Fundamentals Of Music. All Les Davis Audio products are assessed by their effect on an audio system along these essential elements.

7 basic elements of music

  1. Sound (overtone, timbre, pitch, amplitude, duration)

  2. Melody.

  3. Harmony

  4. Rhythm.

  5. Texture.

  6. Structure/form.

  7. Expression (dynamics, tempo, articulation)

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