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About Perreaux

We are a New Zealand based designer and manufacturer of highest quality audio equipment. Our mission is "the perfect re-creation of a musical event". This is achieved by, skillfully combining our unique design and manufacturing techniques, with our shared vision and ongoing commitment to excellence.

The Perreaux product offering is of uniformly high quality. Hallmarks of the brand feature sophisticated circuitry, designed to outperform the competition and rock-solid construction that is built to last a lifetime. This ensures that only highest quality, hand selected components are used throughout. Whilst Perreaux products have always featured cutting edge technology, our most recent generation of products has taken the philosophy a step further. By incorporating future-proof designs, we have indefinitely extended product life cycle and further increased customer satisfaction.

Producing highest quality audio componentry is very much a team approach at Perreaux. Each member of our organisation is highly skilled and is relied upon to perform a unique yet interdependent function. In this way there is a greater realisation and awareness of individual contribution. On account of the reason that we have a unique bond within our team, we enjoy a fun and friendly working environment, resulting in higher levels of staff morale, job satisfaction, superior products and ultimately more satisfied customers. After all, what's life all about if you're not enjoying it?

The results speak for themselves - but it's only when you listen to Perreaux products, do we consider our mission has been fully accomplished.

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