Perreaux VP4 Phono Stage
Perreaux VP4 Phono Stage
Perreaux VP4 Phono Stage
Perreaux VP4 Phono Stage
Perreaux VP4 Phono Stage
Perreaux VP4 Phono Stage
Perreaux VP4 Phono Stage
Perreaux VP4 Phono Stage
Perreaux VP4 Phono Stage
Perreaux VP4 Phono Stage
Perreaux VP4 Phono Stage


Perreaux VP4 Phono Stage

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Perreaux VP4 Phono Stage


22 Saint Kilda Road

Pickup available, usually ready in 2-4 days

22 Saint Kilda Road
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Customisable phono preamplifier effortlessly connects phono to audio

The PERREAUX VP4 Phono Preamplifier breathes life into vinyl amidst a BLACK background. As a worthy successor to the award winning VP3, the VP4 is a high power, low-noise, audiophile-class smart preamplifier effortlessly providing, distortion-free, high-gain signal from your Phono cartridge to your audio amplifier. Moving Magnet (MM) and Moving Coil (MC) inputs are both supported and can be switched between whilst retaining full-recall settings in memory. Mono playback is also supported.

The VP4 features our ground-breaking, BLACK mode. Equipped with an integrated lithium power cell - providing up to 30 hours playback on full battery charge, BLACK mode assures Total Galvanic isolation and noise-free operation, freed from the interference and hum often prevalent in AC Mains powered amplifiers.

The VP4 is equipped with a host of high tech features including iOS / Android remote control app for effortless configuration and control of your phono cartridge - from the comfort of the listening position. No more fiddly, rear-panel mini dip-switches to contend with when changing phono cartridges. Simply select your preferred cartridge from our apps database and the job is done. Manual control is also available with gain and loading settings accessible for those that like to fine tune or tweak. Up to 10 unique cartridge profiles can be stored and accessed within the app.

The ground breaking PERREAUX VP4 provides the next level in BLACK background, open, low-distortion, high-dynamic turntable Pre-amplification. Locate your nearest PERREAUX dealer to order yours today.


If vinyl is your passion, you'll love your new PERREAUX VP4. Built by vinyl lovers - for vinyl lovers, the highly musical PERREAUX VP4 Phono Preamplifier brings your records to life amidst a BLACK background thanks to its integrated lithium power cell. With separate, fully-customisable, low-noise input stages for both Moving Magnet and Moving Coil cartridges the VP4 provides clean, fully customisable Phono signal from your turntable output to audio amplifier input. Locate your nearest PERREAUX dealer to sample the VP4 phono preamplifier for yourself.


Easy setup via App

The VP4 Phono preamplifier comes included with an App (iOS/Android) to provide maximum flexibility and versatility allowing precise adjustment of the VP4 to match the gain and loading requirements of the user's chosen phono cartridge. During daily use, the APP can be used to toggle between Black Mode and Charge, Mono and Stereo, or select the right RIAA curve to match your taste.


When BLACK Mode is enabled, via App or control panel, the VP4 becomes completely galvanically isolated from the AC Mains resulting in noise-free operation. This is possible as it comes equipped with an integrated lithium power cell that provides up to 30 hours playback on full battery charge, freed from the interference and hum often prevalent in AC Mains powered amplifiers. The lithium power cell is of the highest quality providing the lowest possible internal impedance (about 150 milliOhm), which means the most stable power supply under varying load.

Uncompromising Design

Cartridge settings are done by bistable relays, which means that once they are set these will no longer consume any current. This prevents any relay current noise from bleeding into the signal path. An additional benefit of our relay design is that it yields a better PCB layout which helps with signal integrity.

Dual connection

The VP4 Phono preamplifier can accommodate the simultaneous connection of two turntables. One pair of VP4 inputs can be assigned to use a Moving Magnet (MM) or high output Moving Coil cartridge (MC) and the second VP4 input pair can be set up for a low output Moving Coil (MC) cartridge. Possible options are: 1 x Moving Magnet (MM) turntable and 1 x low output Moving Coil (MC) turntable. 1 x High output Moving Coil (MC) turntable and 1 x low output Moving Coil (MC) turntable.

Quick access control panel

The VP4 features a physical push button control panel capable of switching the unit in and out of standby and toggling between Mono and Stereo, Black Mode and Charge, or selecting either Moving Coil (MC) / Moving Magnet (MM) inputs.


The VP4 is compatible with both high / low output Moving Coil (MC) and Moving Magnet (MM) phono cartridges.

Normal RIAA or IEC RIAA Equalisation Profiles

User-configurable, App (iOS/Android) provides the user with the ability to easily select between normal RIAA and IEC RIAA equalisation profiles.

Low distortion

The VP4 generates a diminutive Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) figure of only 0.002% at 1KHZ @ rated output, providing a clean, clear and precise reproduction of vinyl recordings.

Balanced and unbalanced outputs

The VP4 phono preamplifier features both balanced (XLR) and unbalanced (RCA) analog audio output pairs. Both balanced and unbalanced output pairs can be used simultaneously without interference or degradation in signal performance.

Fully mirrored internal layout

The internal layout has been laid out in full mirror fashion to ensure maximum channel separation and minimal system noise.

Mono capability

The VP4 Phono preamplifier accepts signal from mono recordings, selected from the front mounted touch panel.

Built to last

Mechanical strength, reliability and longevity have always been the hallmarks of PERREAUX’s designs. The VP4 is a rugged, powerful, high performance preamplifier. Buy one for life.