AG Lifter Apollo Modular Isolation Shelf Rack
AG Lifter Apollo Modular Isolation Shelf Rack
AG Lifter Apollo Modular Isolation Shelf Rack
AG Lifter Apollo Modular Isolation Shelf Rack
AG Lifter Apollo Modular Isolation Shelf Rack

AG Lifter

AG Lifter Apollo Modular Isolation Shelf Rack

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Lifetime (frame only) Warranty



Country of origin: New Zealand

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Many manufacturers of high-end audio electronics, digital sources and turntables have repeatedly expressed that you have never truly heard a component’s sonic capabilities unless you hear it when it has been effectively isolated. Such are the effects of resonance within music systems that by simply adding isolation devices to your hi-fi system can instantly and completely transform the sound.

The AG Lifter Euphonious Rack is a high-performance rack produced by AG Lifter and it incorporates technologies that deliver great performance through the use of layers of isolation and decoupling.

The frames of the AG Lifter racks are constructed out of a custom designed proprietary aluminium alloy extrusion (ISO 9001) with polished and anodized custom billet caps which have been designed with dampening properties. This special extrusion resulted from extensive research and development which modelled and tested various profile designs.

The lower shelves are 15mm thick acrylic and the lower shelf design is CNC-cut to be captive within the rack frame. This means that audio equipment can be installed without the shelves sliding out. The top shelf is 20mm thick acrylic with greater thickness being incorporated in order to accommodate heavy-weight audio equipment (eg. turntables).

The middle section shelves are adjustable in height to suit most electronic components. Shelves are supported on nitrile feet as standard. The complete rack is then sitting upon AG Lifter Dulcet 20 Isolation feet. The Euphonious 3 has three shelves and the Euphonious 4 has four shelves. An upgrade path is possible for rack users by providing an M6 sliding nut design to support the shelving as in the premium Crescendo rack. This allows the removal and replacement of the Euphonious standard rubber shelf supports and the fitting any of the isolation feet from the AG Lifter range, all Dulcet 19 model feet fit the M6 nut arrangement. The feet are moveable from left to right so tuning is possible to suit your specific equipment.

This design objective was to produce an audio rack that performed at the highest level but was also easy to assemble and install in all types of listening rooms. Some brands provide audio isolation solutions through the use of high mass and weight. While this method can be effective, it does however make the finished rack extremely heavy to ship and to move. Instead, AG Lifter has treated the art of audio isolation like a tuning fork, using a lighter weight structure in order to isolate your audio electronics. The end result is an ultimate-performance rack that is much easier to install and move. The understated, elegant design is also aesthetically pleasing to behold.

The AG Lifter Euphonious Rack system outperforms other competing offerings which come at a considerably higher price. It facilitates a detailed and life-like sound stage with natural tones & textures. In terms of outright performance and value for money, the AG Lifter Euphonious Rack is exceptional.

Why do isolation devices improve sound quality?

The presence of vibrations of various frequencies, also known as ‘resonance’ or ‘harmonics’, can be very harmful to the performance of audio components. In a music system, resonance can be ground-borne (be transmitted into the system up from the floor), air-borne (be transmitted into the system from the air surrounding the system) or originate from the actual audio equipment. Factors such as transformers, power supplies and electronic components resonate at various frequencies and these vibrations spread throughout the component internally and then out to the rack and through the rest of the system, mixing with vibrations caused by other pieces of equipment.

The performance of audio components are affected by these vibrations and in some cases they micro-phonically pick up these frequencies and repeat them, causing reverberations. The presence of resonances in a music system can result in a higher noise floor, ghosting effect, low level hum, a smearing, or lack of clarity of sound, blurriness or hard, glassy edge to your music. Isolation devices mitigate these resonances, thus allowing the equipment to operate the way it was designed and to perform optimally.

What is the effect of introducing isolation devices to a system?

  • The sound becomes tonally correct and with increased weight, scale and authority.
  • Sound stage height, width and depth is expanded.
  • Quieter background, lower noise floor.
  • Imaging improves and the sonic presentation ‘snaps’ into focus.
  • A deeper, tighter bass performance with increased definition.
  • More ‘organic’, or natural textures.
  • An increase in detail across all frequencies.


Product Specifications

Number of Shelves 3 shelves (Euphonious 3)
4 shelves (Euphonious 4)
Isolation Technologies Ground isolation via 4 x Dulcet 20 Isolation Feet.
Each shelf is isolated via 4 rubber supports and is fully upgradable to Crescendo Rack specifications.
Shelf Material Acrylic (15mm thick lower shelves & 20mm thick top shelf).
Euphonious 3 Dimensions 705mm (H) x 600mm (W) x 500mm (D)
At even spacing 220mm in between shelves (note centre shelf is adjustable). Custom dimensions can be ordered.
Euphonious 4 Dimensions 930mm (H) x 600mm (W) x 500mm (D)
At even spacing 198mm in between shelves (note the 2nd and 3rd shelf heights are adjustable. Custom dimensions can be ordered.
Finishes Black or Silver.
Custom finishes can be ordered.
Warranty Lifetime Warranty on the frame only.