Air Tight ATC-3 Line Preamplifier
Air Tight ATC-3 Line Preamplifier

Air Tight

Air Tight ATC-3 Line Preamplifier

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Country of origin: Japan

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Air Tight ATC-3

Line Pre-amplifier

Many audiophiles believe that the preamplifier is the most important component in a music system. It is often the focus of much of the designer’s attention as there are many aspects of the signal path that need to be managed. The Air Tight ATC-3 is a high quality preamplifier with a great pedigree and remarkable sonics. It utilises a tried and true, well proven design that has been refined over many years so that it is very quiet, very transparent, neutral and ultra-dynamic.

The power supply employs a special quick recovery diode as a rectifier that provides a high operational speed with low pulse noise. A parallel connected polypropylene capacitor allows transcendence of modulation noise in the mid to high frequency range.

The line amplifier section utilizes the SRPP (Shunt Regulated Push Pull) circuit design which offers excellent power supply noise rejection, low output impedance and improves the linearity of the 12AU7 output tubes. The 2-stage negative feedback configuration uses the 12AX7 in the first stage and the 12AU7 in the second stage (both self-biasing). Since the 12AX7 is biased high, it provides a sense of power and high resolution. The 12AU7 at the output ensures ample current. With this configuration the total gain of the line stage comes up to an impressive 40db. Furthermore, a premium quality coupling capacitor insures an output impedance below 200 Ohms. The ATC-3’s robust construction guarantees long term reliability and sonics that are free of inner modulation distortion.

Music emerges from a totally silent background with authority, clarity and resolution. It is one of those rare audiophile products that users buy and tend to keep for life or replace with the same model. One gets the sense that the ATC-3 is just so accomplished, it is literally in its final form, nothing missing, nothing wanting, just right. Simply get lost in the music and forget you’re listening to an amplifier. Divine.


  • Shunt Regulated Push Pull line amp design with reinforced buffer stage to assure good noise rejection, low output impedance and extended linearity.
  • Well-appointed power supply featuring quick recovery diode for high operational speed and low pulse noise.
  • Single-steel sheet with multi-layer enamel for high rigidity and low noise.
  • High-quality input/output jacks with detachable mains cord.
  • Optional ‘ALPS’ high-precision pot RK-501.