AURIS Phonio Light Phono Stage
AURIS Phonio Light Phono Stage
AURIS Phonio Light Phono Stage
AURIS Phonio Light Phono Stage


AURIS Phonio Light Phono Stage

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Auris Phonio Light

Auris Phonio Light is a gramophone preamplifier that has separate MM and MC inputs that are selected using switches on the front of the device, and it has one output - RCA.

In the Phonio Light, we use Sound Plus operational amplifiers connected in an advanced topology that brings precise RIAA equalization and retention of all good sounds in the audible frequency range, while suppressing hums and bad harmonics that create an unpleasant feeling during listening.

The device comes with a 16V AC adapter that is small enough not to get in the way, and at the same time it can be moved away from the device, which avoids interference and enables the power supply circuit to reduce noise as much as possible.

Inside the device, we have capacitors whose capacitance exceeds 5000uF for better filtration, but that's not all, because to get an ultra-low sum, we also use an LDO in combination with a BJT to get a power supply topology with a large PSRR (power supply rejection ratio).

Loading Settings

Left/Right MC Loading Resistance

1 and 2 off = 400 Ω
1 only on = 150 Ω
2 only on = 100 Ω
1 & 2 on = 70 Ω



3 and 4 off = 1000 pF
3 only on = 2000 pF
4 only on = 3200 pF
3 & 4 on = 4200 pF


Left/Right MC Gain

2 only on - low gain = 58 dB
1 only on - middle gain = 64 dB
1 & 2 on - high gain = 67 dB


Left/Right MM

Gain = 43.2dB
MM input loading   47kΩ in parallel with 150pF