EGM Audio - Audio Power Cable - Black Pearl
EGM Audio - Audio Power Cable - Black Pearl
EGM Audio - Audio Power Cable - Black Pearl
EGM Audio - Audio Power Cable - Black Pearl
EGM Audio - Audio Power Cable - Black Pearl
EGM Audio - Audio Power Cable - Black Pearl
EGM Audio - Audio Power Cable - Black Pearl
EGM Audio - Audio Power Cable - Black Pearl
EGM Audio - Audio Power Cable - Black Pearl
EGM Audio - Audio Power Cable - Black Pearl
EGM Audio - Audio Power Cable - Black Pearl

EGM Audio

EGM Audio - Audio Power Cable - Black Pearl

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Audio Power Cable - Black Pearl

Black Pearl's Key Features:

  • 16AWG 7 core, 99.999% OFC pure electrolytic copper conductors
  • EMI/ RFI protective screening
  • Cooper/ Tellurium pin male plug top
  • High Grade audiophile power cable
  • Improves sound and picture quality of audio and AV products 
  • Designed & Built in Australia 
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty*


The Black Pearl power cable is similar to our older multiple Award Winning Black ML Reference cable but with improvements. Never to rest on our laurels this new EGM cable has been seriously upgraded for greater reliability and sheer appeal. It still contains a complex arrangement of seven 16AWG cores, but is now paired with superior quality plug ends and barrels for better sound and stronger construction. The cable has a 12.5mm outer diameter finished in a higher grade grey and black outer sheath that has a superior feel and resistance to static electricity. It is more flexible and easier to handle than the thicker Emerald cable.

How does it Sound?

In many ways, the Black Pearl sounds like a “lite” version of the Emerald cable. It is extremely well balanced, with a very pleasant fullness to the tone and a touch on the warm side rather than sounding cold and sterile. It doesn’t have quite the same level of detail and openness that is available on the flagship Emerald but it’s easily better than the rest of the range, and with punchy dynamics and bass slam. It isn’t bass prominent, but if there is bass in the track that you are listening to, the Black Pearl won’t fail to deliver plenty of energy and deep bass extension. This cable would likely suit systems that are lacking bass energy and that sound thin and bright. This is a smooth and easy listening power cable that seems to remove some of the congestion in the lower mids and upper bass, that some lesser cables have, giving male vocals and bass guitar better definition and making it easier to listen to.

We recommend that the Black Pearl be used in lengths above 2 meters as the sound smooths out and is more relaxed and with a wider soundstage. 

The Black Pearl should be given enough time when brand new as it seems to take a bit longer to burn-in than some others in the range, but your patience will be rewarded with better timing, imaging, detail and bass control.

This upgraded cable has a wider and more detailed, stable sonic image than the Black ML Reference cable.

EGM Audio Recommendation 

Best performance for ultra high-end audiophile systems – Amplifiers, Power Conditioners, Source Power Supplies, DAC, CD Players, Streamers, Transports, TV, Projectors, etc. Recommended Length 2 metre minimum.

Extra Information:

What is Cable Burn-in?

All cables and especially highly revealing audio cables require a little time to settle and start performing at their optimum. There are many opinions as to why this well-known phenomenon happens, but we won't get bore you with it. Although they can often sound good immediately, we recommend that you allow EGM cables at least 48 hrs of constant use before doing any critical listening. This initial period of time will make the largest difference to the sound quality. For the next week or two the cable will continue to improve, but in smaller increments.

A fully burned-in cable will sound smoother and more musical. It will also have better timing, imaging, treble detail, bass power and control as well as being less fatiguing to listen to.

Multi Award Wining Power Cables

EGM Audio Power Cables are hand made in Australia. These Power Cables are made suitable for Australia, UK & USA and come with a variety of ends IEC C7, C15 & C19.

The EGM Family Sound

As is often the case with high-end audio manufacturers, all of the EGM audio grade power cables have a “family sound”. What is it and will it suit you?

EGM audio specialist power cables are designed to sound smooth, articulate, revealing and with just a touch of warmth. You will hear this with all our power cables, from the entry-level through to our flagship. We believe that you should never experience unpleasant surprises when upgrading cables throughout our range. As you spend a little more and move up to the Black Pearl and Emerald range you can expect to hear even more from your music, with more detail, quieter backgrounds and a fuller, richer sound.

EGM audio grade power cables do not sound artificial, overly bright or harmonically out of balance, but have a lovely smooth top to bottom balance and neutrality that we have become well known for.

Why should I use EGM Audio grade power cables?

Many people have asked us what is the difference between EGM Audio cables and the thin moulded cheaply made cable included in the box. It’s the sound quality. Technically both do the job, but only a specialised audio cable allows your audio device to sound the way it was meant to. When you stop to compare the quality of the conductors, the wire diameter and extensive use of electromagnetic and radio-frequency shielding, it’s little wonder that EGM audio grade power cables are superior sounding by a large margin. EGM has spent over 2 years of R&D looking into their new cable range, with extensive listening tests and prototyping so that you can enjoy world-class products at a reasonable price.

EGM is proud that every cable they manufacture uses the same standard of workmanship, the same high grade protective outer sheath, the same 100mm protective heat-shrink covers on both ends of the wires and is hand made by people with years of experience in the audio industry. Every cable is individually tested for quality guarantee. All the cable’s in the range are shielded against destructive EMI/RFI and is available in standard & custom lengths and with a wide variety of International & IEC plug tops to suit almost every audio or AV device.