Meridian G12 Remote IR Sensor for Meridian G Series Components


Meridian G12 Remote IR Sensor for Meridian G Series Components

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  • Matte black tubular sensor
  • Designed for flush-mounting in a vertical surface or may be surface-mounted
  • Cable plugs directly into thesensor input on a G-Series component
    Compact and unobtrusive

The G12 remote infra-red sensor is designed to be used in conjunction with Meridian G Series systems, in circumstances where the actual components are not visible or where other circumstances prevent them receiving a signal from the remote control using their built-in sensors.

The G12 consists of a precision-machined cylindrical body and optional nut, with a nonremovable, rotatable infra-red-transparent cover on the front of the barrel which determines the orientation of actual sensor element on the circuit board within the barrel.

A two-core screened cable provides power to the sensor as well as returning the signal to the connected device. The cable is terminated with a 3.5mm stereo jack plug which is plugged into the IR IN socket of a G Series product.

Typically, the remote sensor will either be mounted flush through a vertical surface or surface-mounted.

For mounting in a vertical surface, the G12 is treated in a similar fashion to a ‘door-scope’ security device. A 0.63 (41/64th) inch (16 mm) hole is drilled in the surface, the sensor barrel is inserted from the room side, and the retaining nut, if required, is screwed on to the barrel from the rear to hold the unit in place. Finally, the front cover is rotated so that the lines are horizontal for maximum sensitivity.

For surface mounting, the body of the device (which is flattened on opposing sides for this purpose) is fixed with double-sided tape or other adhesive to the top or bottom of a suitable horizontal surface such as a shelf, or against a vertical surface. In this case, the retaining nut is discarded. Before attaching the cover, one of the edges of the front disc (or both if necessary) should be snapped off to enable the entire assembly to sit flat on the surface.

The front disc rotates so that it can be positioned correctly (with the lines or flats horizontal). Note that this also rotates the circuit board
and cable assembly.

A cable length of 6ft (1.83 m) is provided, terminated with a 3.5mm three-pole (‘stereo’) mini-jack. This is inserted into the IR IN port on
the component. Alternatively, the cable can be shortened or extended as necessary. The wiring or the plug is as follows:
Tip: +12v DC (blue)
Ring: Sensor out (red)
Sleeve: Ground (screen)

The G12 can be used with other Meridian product series in conjunction with a suitable adaptor