Solidsteel Hyperspike HF/HY Pads


Solidsteel Hyperspike HF/HY Pads

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Country of origin: Italy

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Protect your floor from isolation spikes with these protective pads from Solidsteel.

These pads are perfect for the HF stands, as well as the other stands from the Hyperspike range.

Hyperspike HY/HF Pads

Hyperspike Series Protective Floor Pads
The perfect addition to any of Solidsteel's Hyperspike Series racks that don't already include protective discs.

Key Features:
- Protect your hard floor or low-pile carpet from decoupling spikes
- Provides additional support for audio racks or speaker stands
- Set of 4 provided
- Made of stainless steel
- 25mm in diameter

Best paired with spikes
Decoupling spikes work wonders acoustically, but they can easily damage hard floors. Especially the heavy-duty stainless steel spikes on Solidsteels stands. These stainless steel discs protect your floor from damage and provide additional support and isolation to your hi-fi stands. These protective pads are also suitable for use with loudspeakers with decoupling spikes.

These pads are the perfect add-on for the HF stands, as well as any of the other racks from Solidsteel's Hyperspike range.