Sutherland Engineering Linear Power Supply for the 20/20 Phono Preamplifier


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This new Linear Power supply is specific to the 20/20. The one box contains two isolated 48 volt linear power supplies. The truly dual mono nature of the 20/20 is preserved. Simply plug the LPS's DC cables into your 20/20 and enjoy your upgrade.

The LPS is incredibly effective. It is also straight forward in it’s simplicity. Rock solid in performance, stability and reliability. Nothing fussy about it. No active voltage series regulators to add their colorations. No switching regulator noise to deal with. Just a lower noise floor and a more relaxed and effortless presentation.

Power Transformer

The power transformer is toroidal for minimal radiated magnetic field. The already low magnetic field is further reduced by connecting the primary windings in series rather than parallel. The transformer flux density is reduced to half of normal.

The transformer's AC output is full-wave rectified, current-limited and applied to a first stage shunt regulator. That not only gives the first stage of voltage regulation, but it also smooths the current waveform drawn thru the transformer. The usual current spikes become much more sinusoidal in shape. Thus current spikes are not injected back into the power line or project a radiated noise field.


Technical Specifications


  • 6.5" x 11" x 2.5" (W x D x H)

Shipping Box

  • 12" x 14" x 7" (W x D x H)


  • Unit Weight: 7 lbs
  • Shipping Weight: 11 lbs

Operating Voltage Requirements

  • 105 - 125 VAC, 12 watts
  • 210 -- 250 VAC (available on special order)

Note: operating voltage is NOT universal and cannot be field modified.

Included Cables

  • One IEC, 6 ft power cable
  • Two DC output, 6 ft cables


  • 5 years parts and labor.
  • Transferable. Only valid for units that have not been modified or abused.


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