T+A A 200 Stereo Power Amplifier
T+A A 200 Stereo Power Amplifier


T+A A 200 Stereo Power Amplifier

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Country of origin: Germany

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A 200 Power Amplifier

The A 200

In designing the A 200 output stage it was our goal to combine maximum amplifier power with audiophile sound characteristics. On the one hand this means 250 Watts of continuous power per channel, and on the other hand this substantial power does not result in a reduction in terms of subtle detail, resolution and fine dynamics. Its heatsinks are both a technical necessity and a design statement: they show off every Watt of power in impressive style as well as ensuring efficient heat dispersion - even under maximum load. The A 200 output stage was developed with the aim of functioning either as a potent complement to an existing system, or as the high-performance end of a perfectly matched chain of specialised audiophile devices in combination with the Series 200.

We only believe in power when we can use it in practice with efficiency and precision. In our search to achieve the optimum blend of sound quality, power and efficiency, we have developed a completely new circuit topology which combines T+A’s unique HV and High-Frequency sine-wave mains power supply technology with that of the PURIFI Eigentakt™ output stages. By this means we have succeeded in converting raw power into unsurpassed audiophile performance. All circuits and circuit boards are designed and executed by our own development team, and the PURIFI modules implemented within them. The damping factor of the A 200 can be reduced if a warmer or softer sound image is desired in combination with particular loudspeakers.

Output Stage

The A 200 Class D output stages incorporate PURIFI Eigentakt™ technology. This platform, developed by the Danish technology company, is currently the world’s leading fundamental design for Class D output stages, as it eradicates the disadvantages of the previous generation of digital amplifiers. Until now digital amplifier designs were limited by their high dependence on the impedance of the loudspeakers connected to the system, by distortion in the output signal, by phase noise and increased distortion at high power levels. In contrast, the outstanding feature of this new circuit design is its outstanding measured data, making it the obvious choice for audiophile applications

  • Extremely low distortion factor and intermodulation distortion at all power levels
  • Extraordinarily low noise
  • High damping factor
  • Clean clipping
  • Low losses, high efficiency
  • Totally linear frequency response up to 60 kHz
  • Completely loudspeaker-load independent characteristics (see measured curves into 4 Ohms and without loudspeaker-load)

Mains Section

In spite of their advantage in terms of efficiency, conventional switching mains sections have an inherent drawback: they generate interference in the form of induced interference, which has a consistently adverse effect on sound quality. Our response to this is to employ our T+A High-Frequency sine-wave mains sections: their pure sine-wave output and higher frequency - more than twice as high as conventional mains sections - effectively eradicate this interference. The final trace of induced interference is eliminated by the intelligent recharging of the T+A reservoir capacitors fitted to the units. Over many years of development T+A engineers succeeded in developing capacitors which recharge 100,000 times per second - 2,000 times faster than conventional capacitors. This is necessary in order to ensure that they respond to extremely brief signal spikes, and are always able to deliver the correct quantity of electrical energy. Our sine-wave mains sections are “hard” units, i.e. they do not collapse even under the most severe load; they provide the output stages with absolutely constant voltage.

Intelligent Safe Control

Our Intelligent Safe Control (ISC) is comparable with the ABS of a sports car: the micro-controller uses numerous sensors to provide constant monitoring of the temperature, load or clipping states, and intervenes in an intelligent manner in order to return the parameters to their permissible range.

HV Circuit Topology

Our HV circuit technology is unique in the world, and is employed in the voltage amplifier stage. The high operating voltage resulting from the overall circuit design ensures extremely linear reproduction of the audio signals, and provides totally natural imaging and dynamics from every recording - without compromise, and without limitation. The technology also eliminates harsh feedback, to which audio sound is very sensitive.

Frequency Response

The frequency response is totally linear up to 60 kHz and completely independent of the connected loudspeaker. The measured curves show that there is no difference in frequency response between a 4 Ohms loudspeaker load and no loudspeaker load.


Output Stage

Nominal power per channel

250 Watts @ 4 Ohms
125 Watts @ 8 Ohms

Frequency response + 0 / − 3 dB

1 Hz – 60 kHz

Signal to noise ratio

113 dB

THD  /  Intermodulation

< 0,002 % / < 0,002 %

Channel separation

> 103 dB

Damping factor

> 800 / DF LO > 70

Gain factor

37,4 (31,4 dB)

Input sensitivity nominal

High level (RCA) 800 mVeff / 5,8 kOhms
Balanced (XLR) 1,6 Veff / 20 kOhms

Mains / Accessories / Dimensions


220-240 V, 50-60 Hz

Power consumption

max. 600 Watts
25 Watts while power on and idling with no signal


< 0,5 Watts

Dimensions (H × W× D)

10 × 32 × 34 cm,
4 x 12.6 x 13.4 inch


Power cord, E2-Link-cable


5 kg, 11 lbs


Alu silver anodized (43), Alu schwarz anodized (42)

Technical modifications reserved


hifi.nl 11/2022

Review T+A 200-modellen

For that money you get a spectacular system with all the possibilities you could wish for and a focus on pure sound quality.

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Audio Poland 7/2022

Midi in Germany

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Audio 6/2022

Old, new nobility

A 200 - Amazing power, perfect interaction with the boxes.
Value for money: outstanding
Yes, it's true: this station wagon is not available for little money. But this power, this subtlety, this elegance, the workmanship, the design - many fans around the world will immediately pull out their credit cards. Let's dare the superlative: This is the best, compact electronics that we have ever been allowed to listen to. The want-to-have impulse is not only powerful, but overwhelming.

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Hifi News 5/2022

DAC 200 and A 200

Now a full quartet, T+A’s compact but beautifully formed Series 200 has expanded to
include a media player, DAC/preamp and Purifi Eigentakt Class D stereo power amp. While avoiding any lame jokes about ‘German engineering’, I’m bound to say there’s a wonderful sense of synergy – and not just in build and style – between these two T+A components. The A 200 is a mature-sounding power amp with excellent driving ability, and a perfect partner for the DAC 200’s refi ned, insightful and lightfooted approach. Yes, there’s no networking, but the Series 200 has this covered elsewhere.

Image Hifi 3-4/2022

A chain only with strong links

Despite its neutrality and high resolution, the T+A Series 200 is so skilfully tuned that the musical flow and emotional content of the music are always preserved. The playback is always gripping and involving. The listener selects title after title, album after album and is delighted by every further, moving listening experience with the all-around recommendable Series 200. After the test, it's hard for me to say goodbye.

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LowBeats 12/2021

Conclusion - technical ingenuity and highest musicality combined

If you sensed a certain enthusiasm between the lines of my report, you are absolutely right. I LOVE this team. The T+A DAC 200 and the A 200 power amp are exactly the sort of intelligent high-end hi-fi I would have pressed my nose for in the hi-fi retailer's shop window in the 1980s. Even if sniffing shop windows is no longer en vogue these days: maybe in 20 or 30 years' time today's hi-fi offspring will meet in virtual space to celebrate the coolest hi-fi devices of their youth. The T+A 200 series for 2021 will most likely be there.

For those who can afford it here and now: There is hardly a better way to invest your money in high-quality hi-fi. As long as the constantly evolving digital standards don't unexpectedly throw a spanner in the works, the DAC 200 is a safe bet for many years - especially for DSD fans. The purely analogue but equally ultra-modern power amplifier A 200 anyway. And in terms of design, these T+A creations are already timeless classics. Completed with the MP 200 Multi Player, this midi system is undoubtedly one of the finest that HiFi Made in Germany currently has to offer in this price range.

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Stereo 12/2021

Twice compact - once great

T+A opens a new chapter in amplification with Class D technology. The currently probably best available Purifi self-clocking modules have been further refined with T+A technology and raised to a new level.

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Stereoplay 12/2021

Treasures of acoustics

T+A's clever D output stage comes from the latest technology, which is also technically unassailable and sounds just as powerful
and honest as well as emotional. All prejudices about the D-technology are a thing of the past.
As far as the 200 combination is concerned, the human component is unmistakable. And in each of the three devices. So we have absolutely nothing to criticize here, especially since
in addition to the bravura freestyle, the high-fidelity specification as well
is completed with enthusiasm.

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Treasures of acoustics