The Funk Firm FXR 2 Tonearm

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The Funk Firm FXR 2 Tonearm

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Rega. Upgrade kits


Starting in the 1970s with just Planar 2 and Planar 3 m odels, Rega’s range of models has expanded greatly, from  P1 and 2 and going on to P10.

The core design ethos, however, has remained very similar carrying weaknesses from the original.

Evalluation is performed by comparing each model's performance against the Master Tape. This makes the comparison both fair and independently objective.  That all models fail comes with little surpise and for very good, scientific reasons adn it is for this reason that Funk has developed its range of Isolation Bubble upgrades for Rega.

The results are an immediate and satisfying improvement, which should come as no surprise as Master Tapes sound so good.

The ubiquitous felt mat. After some 40years this record support remains beloved not only by Rega but also Linn. Unfortunately, a simple A-B against Master Tape shows how it immediately compromises the music, compressing the sound and smearing the bass. To your detriment, dealers have been pushing the mat for decades. What is so sad is that a 1 muniute trial comparing felt mat to Funk's Achromat immediatelyopens up the  the soundstage. The master tape itslef is not necessay, it's that obvious. 

The original Rega arms: from the original RB250 all the way to the current RB 3000, they all exhibit the same 20 dB beam signatures in the sensitive mid frequency, showing that despite various claims, they are still essentially the same design. If each tme you change an arm the sound changes, then the arm is affecting the music. Resonances cause dynamic compression and peaks and dips in the frequencies and 20dB is a lot. Again this is very easily heard when compared to master tape.

The hard feet: ALL turntables shoudl be isolated from the outside world. Rega's hard feet transmit vibrations directly into the plinth and arm and thereby distorting and colouring the sound. Funk's Bo!ng feet are easily fitted to all Rega models, whether fitted with wood screws or the later machine screw variants and isolate as effectively as any high end turntable.

These descriptions and characteristics are heard across the entire Rega range. By dealing with the myriad causes of colouration, Funk's Isolation Bubble upgrades significantly bring you closer to the Master Tape sound.

Like the proverbial phoenix rising from the ashes, it takes what is essentially a simple but otherwise good basic structure and, and transforms your Rega, which ever model, into a new and very high-performance disc spinning machine.

Funk's upgrade options are all easy and straightforward to fit. they are logically simple and simply logical. The essential components comprise:

Bo!ng feet to isolate the turntable from the outside world

5mm Achromat.

F.X based arm: massively reduces beam vibration.

Houdini allows extra fine resolution from the cartridge. there is no other upgrade component that can offer this level of performance improvement at thsi low level. 

The three kits all include the above and differe in the choice of arm: are: Kit1: FX5G; Kit 2: FX5X; Kit 3: FX3

The amazing thing is how cost effective this is, from a P1 or a P10.

Comparing a P2 (£300?) to a P10 at £4,500. Fitting the best upgrade possible i.e. it includes an FX3, the kit costs £2,900. OK we need a new cartridge. £700 for a 760 = £3,600. You now have what is a state-of-the-art turntable  from a starting P1 chassis, yet the overall cost is still considerably below that of a P10. P10 woudl still need all these individual upgrade items in order to compete!

Fair to say, P2’s performance envelope is now in the super-turntable category.

Most assuredly, P2 has grown into a swan with very big wings!

No one understands analogue like Funk.