Unison Research Unico 150 Hybrid Integrated Amplifier

Unison Research

Unison Research Unico 150 Hybrid Integrated Amplifier

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Country of origin: Italy

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Unico 150

Designed to fulfil both high-end audiophile and highly scientific criteria

The Unico range of hybrid hi-fi electronics from Unison Research has garnered a strong reputation with audiophiles around the world in recent years. The sleek yet imposing styling of each product, combined with a sound performance that puts others to shame, has resulted in an enviable range of amplifiers and sources that sit alongside the Italian company’s iconic pure-valve line. The new Unico 150 dual-mono integrated amplifier has been designed from the ground-up to take the mantle of flagship in the Unico range; superseding the well-established Unico 100 model.

The Unico 150 amplifier has been designed to fulfil both high-end audiophile and highly scientific criteria. This dual-approach to development has led to the creation of a product that is completely different from anything else Unison Research has ever released, and the result is something truly unrivalled on the market; a powerful, great- sounding amplifier with only three active stages (two tube and one MOSFET stage).

Minimalist exterior

The Unico 150 is an integrated amplifier designed to accommodate a variety of sources via its three RCA and two XLR pair inputs. It’s also designed to fit into most existing systems, with its fixed and variable RCA outputs as well as the bi-wirable speaker terminals. The large casework is built to the same exacting standards as previous Unico designs, but the Unico 150 is the first to boast a new three-plate front fascia that adds an aesthetic enhancement over its predecessors. Operation is simple and effortless via the front-panel controls or the supplied RC2 system remote; but the minimalist exterior belies the high-end technology hidden within.

The Unico 150 uses a three-stage circuit to achieve an unrivalled level of linearity. All of the gain – and with it the core sound character of the amplifier – is controlled by the first two Pure Class A tube stages. The input stage uses two ECC83 triodes in totem-pole configuration, while the driver stage uses two 6H30 triodes in totem-pole configuration for near-flat distortion, minimal output impedance and well controlled gain. The configuration of these stages, as well as the use of a high- quality but entirely passive ALPS volume control and armoured input switching relays, means the Unico 150 can deliver unrivalled clarity in its sound performance.

Consistent, Well-Rounded Output

The whole pre-amplifier section is directly coupled to each channel’s MOSFET power stage to achieve a consistent, well-rounded output – with optimal linearity achieved within 10 minutes of being switched on (nominal linearity is achieved in under a second). The Unico 150 has been designed to drive a wide-variety of loudspeakers, and its only limitations with compatibility have been purposefully chosen to ensure the amplifier’s supreme ability to produce a clean, detailed sound.*minimal signal degradation and loss

The Unico 150 boasts purpose-selected power transformers that can deliver continuous high-power for optimal performance. The power section has also been configured to give plenty of headroom for reliability, without sacrificing the sound performance or drive capability of the amplifier. All other components have also been specially selected for their tasks to ensure optimal electrical characteristics, resulting in minimal signal degradation and loss. 

The Unico 150 has been a labour of love for Unison Research. As a result of extensive electrical and listening tests on multiple prototypes, they have been able to produce an amplifier that performs in every way to the highest audiophile standards. 

Key Features:

  • Audiophile grade integrated amplifier
  • Output power 220 + 220W at 4Ω
  • ECC83 (12AX7) valves used at input stage
  • Additional balanced input (XLR)
  • Subwoofer output
  • Bi-wirable speaker outputs
  • Available with sand-blasted silver and black fascia
  • RC2 remote included