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Your large TV, mounted with elegance

  • Ultra slim and strong - Only 4.5 cm from the wall, ideal for large OLED/QLED TVs
  • Our toughest and strongest hero bears up to 75kg - Mount the heaviest TVs, close to the wall, just 4.5 cm
  • Smooth OneFinger™ Movement - Thanks to coated bearings and precision steel shafts
  • Perfectly level installation - Free spirit level included
  • 2D-Levelling: Keep your TV always level - Precise after-installation leveling (horizontally and vertically)

Full-motion TV wall mount for large, heavy TVs up to 100 inches and 75 kg
The ELITE Forward Motion TV wall mount is a special, extra-strong wall mount, suitable for TVs from 55 to 100 inches and weighing up to 75 kg - ideal for your large OLED or QLED TV. The ELITE Forward Motion rotates up to 120°, so you can enjoy your TV from virtually any angle. Besides being ultra-strong, the wall mount is also ultra-slim, mounting your TV just 4.5 cm from the wall.

Turn your TV with just one finger
The ELITE Forward Motion TV wall mount features an ingenious 4-arm mechanism to turn your TV, up to 60° both the left and right. Thanks to Vogel's One-Finger™ Movement technology, the wall mount turns so smoothly that you only need to use one finger.

Thanks to the 69 cm long support arms, the wall mount has a long forward reach, which makes the ELITE Forward Motion TV wall mount perfect for cabinets and alcoves. A tilt function has been deliberately omitted to protect large, fragile screens. Of course, the advantage of large displays is that you don't have to tilt for a great viewing experience.

2D Leveling™ for perfectly straight mounting
ELITE Forward Motion TV wall mounts are equipped with 2D Leveling™, hanging perfectly level, both horizontally and vertically. You can even adjust it after installation, if your TV is already mounted on the wall.

Your cables neatly concealed
With a TV that is mounted beautifully tight to the wall, you'd rather not see any cables. With the ELITE Forward Motion TV wall mount, the unique Cable Inlay System (CIS®) guides cables through the support arms and neatly hides everything at the back of the TV, with special cable holders.

Safety first
As the proud owner of a large, premium TV, you want to be absolutely sure that it is mounted securely. The ELITE Forward Motion TV wall mount gives you that assurance. It is TUV-certified and tested at three times its maximum weight capacity, meeting the highest safety requirements.

Installation? Vogel's makes it easy
The ELITE Forward Motion TV wall mount is easy to install, with a Quick Install Guide is included and a detailed manual and installation video available online. All of the necessary installation materials are included: a spirit level, drilling template, extra-wide wall plate, screws and Fischer® DuoPower plugs. With our free DrillRight™ AR app, you can easily mark out the first drill hole. Comforting detail: soft patches on the wall mount prevent you from scratching the back of your TV during mounting.

The ELITE Forward Motion TV wall mount comes with no less than a 15-year warranty.

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          Features & Specifications




          15 years

          TÜV certified


          Product size

          XL Hero



          Min. screen size (inch)


          Max. screen size (inch)


          Min. distance to the wall (mm)


          Max. distance to the wall (mm)


          Max. weight load (kg)


          Number of pivot points



          Forward and turning motion (up to 120°)

          Min. distance to the wall (inch)


          Max. weight load (lbs)


          What's in the box

          Wall mount

          Wall mounting kit with fischer® Duo Power plugs

          TV fasteners kit

          Spirit level

          Quick Installation Guide

          DrillRight™ AR app

          Drilling template

          Hole pattern (VESA)

          200 mm x 200 mm

          200 mm x 300 mm

          300 mm x 200 mm

          300 mm x 300 mm

          400 mm x 200 mm

          400 mm x 300 mm

          400 mm x 400 mm

          500 mm x 200 mm

          500 mm x 300 mm

          500 mm x 400 mm

          600 mm x 200 mm

          600 mm x 300 mm

          600 mm x 400 mm

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