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WallyTractor Universal v2.01

Start from Certainty! The WallyTractor Universal is the most accurate and universally applicable way to optimize the horizontal alignment of your stylus/cantilever assembly.

  • The WallyTractor Universal is the cartridge alignment protractor that features arcs specific to the tonearm you own as well as tonearms you may own in the future.

  • The WallyTractor Universal is the only cartridge alignment protractor that allows you to reduce playback distortions based upon the age of your record collection. You can get the lower distortion of a 12” arm with a 9” arm!

  • Features a mirrored surface to increase accuracy of cantilever alignment by 2X

  • Features Baerwald and Loefgren traces

  • Personalized support from WAM Engineering

  • The WallyTractor Universal is obsolescence-proof! Should a tonearm become available in the market that is not represented by your WallyTractor Universal, WAM Engineering offers a very generous replacement program that involves adding any new arcs that you might need.

The WallyTractor Universal includes a lighted magnifying glass, custom laser etched pivot to spindle ruler and spindle jig.


Stereophile, Michael Fremer, 2020
The new WallyTractor is a versatile tool, extremely well-engraved—far superior to the already excellent original—and easier to read. The WallyTractor Universal is highly recommended for anyone who needs an easy-to-use, easy-to-read, universal alignment gauge.
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WallyTools Tractor Universal V2.01

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