KEF Bundles - Simplifying your whole Hi-Fi system.

I’ve always spoken about the simplicity of the KEF LS50 Wireless II speakers. These all-in-one speakers are effortlessly great by all means. So that being said, I wanted to celebrate the simplicity of these speakers, and the ingenuity of some other KEF products with my KEF LS50 Bundle at HeyNow Hi-Fi.

First up in this bundle, is the all-round favourite KEF LS50 Wireless II speakers. These speakers offer the listener a level of simplicity that isn’t found in a traditional pair of loudspeakers. These compact, and as their name suggests, wireless, speakers have a built-in streamer for simple, online streaming from your choice of platform. The LS50 Wireless II uses KEF’s revolutionary Metamaterial Absorption Technology eliminating any audio distortion, leaving you with a purer sound and revealing every little detail of your music.

Following the Wireless II speakers, my KEF LS50 Bundle also includes KEF’s ‘biggest small’ sub, the KC62 Subwoofer. The KC62 delivers a deep, powerful bass, that sounds much larger than the cabinet that produces it. Thanks to the in-built Room Placement Equalisation within the KC62, this sub effortlessly fits into any environment or listening room – with five pre-sets to ensure the same performance no matter where you decide to place it.

Finally, the LS50 Bundle includes KEF's effortlessly stylish S2 Floor Stands. The perfect platform to place your speakers, the S2 Floor Stands perfectly complement the design standards of the LS50. With a sleek modern design, and an integrated cable management system that allows your power cables to be hidden, the S2 Floor Stands will perfectly showcase your LS50 speakers, in all their wireless glory!

The build quality of LS50’s, the KC62, and the S2 is exceptional, and with multiple colour options available for each item, these phenomenal KEF products will undoubtedly become the most stylish pieces of Hi-Fi in your home.

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