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The Oldest Italian Furniture Brand in the Audio Business

Moreno Conti founded Solidsteel in 1990, the first to adopt spikes for audio Racks & Speaker Stands

Just a few words from Gaetano Conti

“Hi, I’m Gaetano Conti from Solidsteel in Italy. I’m the Company Owner of a brand that is known in more than 30 Countries. We make furniture racks, stands and wallshelves. We are here at the Munich High End show thanks to the partnership with ATR – Audio Trade, which is our German distributor for more than 15 years. We are based in Italy – Pescara, a city in the centre of Italy. We are the oldest Italian brand in the business, one of the oldest in the world.”


And What We Do

Ours is a small Italian company that produces branded “Solidsteel” furniture and equipments for audio and video components. Well as in Italy, we are also present in almost all the Continents and we dedicate our activities to a wide range of music lovers and video entertainment passionates.

The company name “Solidsteel MC Group” is the exact essence of our work: in it is contained the historicity of the trademark, existing since 1990, and the grounds of our “MC Group” project, inspired to our founder Moreno Conti unfortunately passed away in 2013.


"To Serve Music And Nothing Else"

Our business philosophy is "to serve the music and nothing else."

Since 1990, our brand is an expression of attention, rigor and dedication to an exciting job that allows us to offer a range of products carefully developed for the demands of any enthusiast.

Not just a product for a few, then, but also for anyone who appreciates listening to music in their favorite spaces.

Our task is to research, select and combine with care the best materials for the technical realization of articles having the maximum functionality, according to a coherent design over time.

It is a labor of love and passion for music. We also intend to preserve the artisan characteristics of our products as the highest expression of our corporate creed, which is completely based on the “Made in Italy” concept.

We love the art of music and desire our products to be included into the spaces just by following this clear criterion.

In an age in which everything is created to be consumed, we work to produce articles intended to remain in time.

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