Solidsteel S3 Add Kit Legs


Made in Italy


Length (mm): 145mm
Colour: Black
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The S Series Kits & Accessories allows the customization and completion of what offered by the S Series.


S3 Add Kit Legs

S Series Add Kits: it’s an additional kit only made of frame & hardware parts able to create a suppletive level on a rack. The clearance between the shelves vary between 145 mm (5,7 in) and 345 mm (13,58 in) for the standardized custom lenghts (for other special measures we invite you to contact us by e-mail). Included in this kit there are: A) n. 4 inner screws; B) n. 4 aluminium poles (of the desired dimensions); C) n. 8 plastic fittings.


  1. If you need to create an S5-4 in black with the following clearance (mm from the bottom) 325/265/145, then you will need to order: A) S5-4 black Set Shelves; B) S5 StarterKit 325, black; C) S5 AddKit 265, black ; D) S5 AddKit 145, black.

  2. If you already have a standard S3-2 in black and need to add an extra level, then you should order: A) S3 inner shelf; B) S3 AddKit (of the desired measure).


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