Air Tight ATC-5s Reference Preamplifier with Phono
Air Tight ATC-5s Reference Preamplifier with Phono

Air Tight

Air Tight ATC-5s Reference Preamplifier with Phono

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Country of origin: Japan

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Air Tight ATC-5s

Reference Pre-amplifier with Phono

It was 30 years ago when Air Tight introduced their first tube pre-amp, the ATC-1 with the ambitious intention being to reproduce real, dynamic sound. So successful were they in realising their ambition that the ATC-1 became a global reference preamplifier for many years and defined that ideal of Japanese refinement. After many years of further research & development, Air Tight have now released the totally redesigned ATC-5 to continue the tradition and cater for the serious audiophile with a requirement for analogue or digital music sources.

Atsushi Miura always believed that developing a preamplifier depended on a never-ending process to find the optimum balance between the technology and art itself. Technology developed to process information efficiently and accurately was not always in alignment with the result of creating joy, emotional connection, excitement and musical artistry. He believed that the ultimate optimised combination of the technology and art shall eventually create a sort of supernatural phenomenon in the form of a visceral musical sensation. This is the ultimate goal and desire shared by all the discerning audiophiles in the world.

Compact as it is in size, the ATC-5 does not compromise in its design, component selection or build quality. Drawing on their 30-years of experience, Air Tight pulled out all stops in this design, including a monocoque chassis structure and point to point wiring (no PCB’s). Given that the volume control mechanism is so crucial to overall sonic quality, an Alps gold-plated multi-contact wire-brushed controller sealed in a machined brass case is used.

To ensure perfect playback of vinyl records, highly rated 2-stage NF-CR circuitry for the most faithful realization of the RIAA curve was employed. The NF and CR sections are made independently with thorough elimination of interference between treble and bass ranges and unnecessary low frequency signals are crossed out to prevent unwanted vibration of speaker cones. 3 inputs allows listeners to enjoy multiple digital sources and a timer-relay system mutes output at the outset of playback, thus protecting the power amp section from transient current events. The line amp section consists of an orthodox 2-stage configuration featuring the 12AT7. For the sake of a tight and spacious soundstage, optimum decoupling circuits are placed at all the necessary points to prevent harmful interferences. Needless to say, all the Air Tight audio equipment is designed and made in Japan.

Many audiophiles believe that the preamplifier is the most important component in a music system. It is often the focus of much of the designer’s attention as there are many aspects of the signal path that need to be carefully managed. The Air Tight ATC-5 is a high quality preamplifier with a great pedigree and outstanding sonics. It utilises a tried and true, well proven design that has been refined over many years so that it is very quiet, very transparent, neutral and ultra-dynamic. Music emerges from a totally silent background with authority, clarity and resolution. It is well known for realistically reproducing the nuances and ambiences existing at the moment of the recording, creating a mesmerising realism.

It is one of those rare audiophile products that users buy and tend to keep for life or replace with the same model. One listen and the ATC-5 feels complete. It just disappears and in its place..….. silence and music, ebb and flow. Transcend the equipment and lose yourself. Sublime.


  • SRPP line amp with reinforced buffer stage to assure good noise rejection, low output impedance and extended linearity.
  • Well-appointed power supply featuring quick recovery diode for high operational speed and low pulse noise.
  • Single-steel sheet with multi-layer enamel for high rigidity and low noise.
  • High-quality input/output jacks with detachable mains cord.
  • ALPS high-precision pot RK-501.
  • Highly rated 2-stage NF-CR circuitry for the most faithful realization of the RIAA curve.