Air Tight ATE-3011 Reference Phono Equalizer Amplifier
Air Tight ATE-3011 Reference Phono Equalizer Amplifier
Air Tight ATE-3011 Reference Phono Equalizer Amplifier
Air Tight ATE-3011 Reference Phono Equalizer Amplifier
Air Tight ATE-3011 Reference Phono Equalizer Amplifier
Air Tight ATE-3011 Reference Phono Equalizer Amplifier

Air Tight

Air Tight ATE-3011 Reference Phono Equalizer Amplifier

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Country of origin: Japan

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Air Tight ATE-3011

Reference Phono Equalizer

The ATE-3011 is the flagship phono preamplifier from this legendary Japanese audio manufacturer and is a unique design with features unlike any other reference phono preamplifier in the world today. To understand such an ambitious amplifier, it is best to begin with understanding the intention that conceived the idea. Air Tight wanted to cater for the highly discerning music and vinyl record connoisseur who wanted to be able to listen to virtually ANY record using the correct equalization curve and therefore optimise the sound reproduction experience.

The ATE-3011 is equipped with 5 equalizing curves (RIAA, NAB, AES, FFRR, & FLAT) for Turnover and Roll-Off, and can independently select Turnover and Roll-off to create various curves to optimise the experience of your vinyl collection. A large self-illuminating display and an equalization curve selector switch offer easy change over between the various equalizing curve listening options.

Having the ability to accurately access these curves places this phono-stage in a rarefied league however the greatest achievement of the ATE-3011 without a doubt is its sound quality. Air Tight took three years to develop the ATE-3011 including countless design refinements and exhaustive listening tests. They were particularly focussed on the concept of non-colouration, or ultimate transparency which aspires to facilitate a sound where the amplifier adds no or an absolute minimum of its own character into the sonic presentation.

There are some significant innovations in the circuit topology as well as some new technologies focussed on mechanical resonance mitigation. The primary amplification section is housed within in the inner chassis. Three of the dual triode 12AX7 tubes are parallell located at the center of the main chassis and the amplification circuit for both channels is located on the thick copper plate above and below the location of the tubes. All the Mica capacitors and the huge de-coupling capacitors are brought together into one place. To reduce leakage flux, two large capacity toroidal transformers are employed and any superfluous influence on the amplification section is eliminated.

Independent L/R and input/output signals run through original stainless steel conductors instead of conventional cables up to the very point of equaliser input. All terminals, shielding, connectors and components are the very best available. Some new innovations were also employed to ensure that noise or hum-loop artefacts are completely eliminated and a muting relay circuit is employed to prevent noise when power is turned on.

This level of attention to detail all adds up to produce a supremely flexible and reference level sonic masterpiece.
If you have a large record collection which includes a variety of recordings from different eras, labels and pressings, you will be aware of the benefit of having access to the five main equalization curves in order to optimise your listening experience. Now you can hear your records exactly the way they were meant to be heard!
Simply press a button on this beautiful heirloom quality phono preamplifier and be transported to another time and place…..


Air Tight 2019 Interview

Product Specifications

Type Reference Phono Preamplifier
Valves Employed 3 x 12AX7
Phono Equalizer Input RCA/MM × 3
Input Impedance 47kΩ(Gain 40dB)
Phono Equalizer Output RCA × 2 + 1(mono only)
Output Impedance Recommended load more than 47kΩ
THD 0.02%(1V/1kHz)
Frequency Response 50Hz~20kHz(±0.2dB) /20Hz-2.5dB
Power Consumption 50VA
Dimensions 400mm(W) × 375mm(D) × 151mm(H)
Weight 12.2kg