AURIS RNR Turntable with T809 Tone Arm
AURIS RNR Turntable with T809 Tone Arm
AURIS RNR Turntable with T809 Tone Arm


AURIS RNR Turntable with T809 Tone Arm

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Country of origin: Sweden

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RNR Turntable

Introducing RnR: Unparalleled Performance at an Unbeatable Value

After extensive research and analysis of turntables across the industry, Auris has combined and enhanced well-known solutions to create the remarkable RnR. This record player surpasses models that are twice as expensive as its competitors, offering a host of superior features. With a rigid sandwich acrylic plinth and a conveniently located on/off switch right next to the tonearm, the RnR delivers an exceptional listening experience

Experience the RnR's unparalleled performance and exceptional value. Enjoy your favorite records with astonishing detail and clarity, knowing that the RnR has been meticulously engineered to deliver an immersive and captivating listening experience. Rediscover the joy of vinyl with Auris RnR, where innovation meets affordability.

Tone Arm

The T-809 tonearm sets new standards in precision and innovation. Utilizing the latest 3D CAD/CAM technology, this die-cast aluminum tonearm ensures unparalleled performance. The specially designed weight with a rubber thread effectively dampens vibrations, resulting in a high-quality listening experience. The tonearm base, also made of cast aluminum, remains stable even with temperature changes. The stress-free ball bearings provide smooth and accurate tracking, while the carbon fiber wand with a 1mm wall thickness reduces vibrations and minimizes tonearm resonance, allowing for exceptional playback quality.


We understand the significance of stability and vibration reduction in achieving optimal audio fidelity. The RnR features a special rubber compound that enhances stability and reduces vibrations, providing a solid foundation for your musical enjoyment.

16V-24VAC Motor

The synchronous motor, equipped with electronic control on the PCB, minimizes vibrations and ensures a constant speed regardless of voltage fluctuations in the electrical network. For even more precise speed control, the RnR can be paired with the optional EON PSU (Power Supply Unit), allowing you to achieve precise playback speeds at both 33.3 and 45 RPM. Enjoy a seamless listening experience as the RnR delivers unwavering speed stability.

Sub Platter

The RnR boasts a glass polycarbonate sub platter with a cast chrome and ground shaft, guaranteeing the accurate transmission of stable speed to the platter without any slipping. This combination of materials ensures reliable performance, while the sub platter's inherent lightness further aids in reducing vibrations and resonance, resulting in cleaner sound reproduction.

Bearing Housing

We have chosen a bronze main hub central bearing for the RnR, surpassing the limitations of brass materials. This selection guarantees a longer service life and reduces stress on the bearing, ensuring optimal performance and durability.