[Ex-demo] Mytek Brooklyn DAC+ High Resolution Preamplifier / DAC / Headphone Amplifier
[Ex-demo] Mytek Brooklyn DAC+ High Resolution Preamplifier / DAC / Headphone Amplifier


[Ex-demo] Mytek Brooklyn DAC+ High Resolution Preamplifier / DAC / Headphone Amplifier

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[Ex-demo] Mytek Brooklyn DAC+ High Resolution Preamplifier / DAC / Headphone Amplifier


22 Saint Kilda Road

Pickup available, usually ready in 2-4 days

22 Saint Kilda Road
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Country of origin: USA

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Mytek Brooklyn DAC+

Most versatile DAC in the world
Best price / quality performance in the world
MQA ® hardware decoder
Hires PCM 32 bit / 352 Khz & DSD256
Excellent phono preamp
Analog & digital discrete volume control
Excellent headphone amplifier

Mytek Brooklyn DAC+ possibilities:

Price / Quality unbeatable

The Mytek Brooklyn DAC+ is the only reasonably priced high-end DAC with a MQA hardware decoder. This DAC lets you hear the full original resolution of Tidal Masters. Plus: it also plays Native DSD up to Quad DSD256.

About Mytek Brooklyn DAC+

Designed in New York.

The Brooklyn DAC+ is primarily a reference USB2 DAC.

Furthermore it is also a line stage. And a phono preamplifier. And an analog preamplifier. And a reference headphone amplifier.

This makes the Mytek Brooklyn DAC+ the most versatile component in the world.

It integrates high resolution digital audio together with vinyl playback for reference listening on headphones and speakers.

All integrated functions are of premium grade.

The phono preamplifier inside this DAC is of the highest quality. The same applies for the headphone amplifier.

Both these components challenge dedicated units costing thousands of dollars.

The Brooklyn DAC+ was launched at RMAF 2017 in October 2017 and is now shipping. It replaces the original Brooklyn DAC which has now been discontinued.

Brooklyn DAC+ improvements:

Sabre 9028 Pro chipset ( 9018 in older model)

Higher grade, more transparent and less noisy analog attenuator circuit.

Improved analog input performance

Improved Phono Stage transparency

Improved Headphone Amp sound (more detail, more definition)

Dual mono analog path

Reviews & awards

“The Mytek Brooklyn is an incredibly versatile audio component. In fact, I can’t think of another HiFi component that packs as much capability and technology into a single chassis (OK, the new $5,995 Mytek Manhattan II does but in a chassis roughly twice the size and four times the weight).”– The Computer Audiophile

“Even without MQA the Mytek Brooklyn offers exceptional value due to its versatility, flexibility, ergonomic elegance, and overall high level of sonic performance. Once you throw MQA into the equation, I have to say, “Game over” for any DAC or DAC manufacturer that can’t keep up.”– Steven Stone, The Absolute Sound

“Even if the new, “small” Mytek, due to the improved functionality, has become more expensive than its predecessor, the Brooklyn’s price-sound relationship makes it almost irresistible. And if you are more into excitement, dynamics, and incredibly low bass than that last drop of spatial width, you will not be able to bypass the Mytek—neither in its price category nor also quite a bit beyond that.”– Dirk Sommer, Positive Feedback