Ferrum Wandla Golden Sound High-End DAC and Preamplifier
Ferrum Wandla Golden Sound High-End DAC and Preamplifier
Ferrum Wandla Golden Sound High-End DAC and Preamplifier
Ferrum Wandla Golden Sound High-End DAC and Preamplifier


Ferrum Wandla Golden Sound High-End DAC and Preamplifier

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Ferrum Wandla Golden Sound High-End DAC and Preamplifier


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Country of origin: Poland

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Golden Sound Edition

The premiere of the WANDLA GoldenSound Edition proved to be a great success at CanJam New York 2024.

We are delighted to see our flagship DAC WANDLA has proven to be a great success and changed the notion of high-end audio DAC’s. WANDLA’s sound signature and its unique features like Dynamic Digital Filtering appeal to many music lovers all over the world. So we managed to let WANDLA’s reputation go far beyond the headspace to pave the way for wider domestic use. But what if we could tailor WANDLA even more? This was exactly what our talented design team had in mind when they started to think outside the box once again. Reaching out to the head-fi community they came into contact with renowned head-fi and high-end audio expert Cameron Oatley from GoldenSound. After an intensive period of braining, research and development they came up with the idea for WANDLA GoldenSound Edition which actually converts WANDLA to cater specific needs. 

New functions of WANDLA GoldenSound Edition

The WANDLA GoldenSound Edition was created after the Ferrum team

started an experiment to implement new functions in the software.

The fruitful collaboration between our own talented staff and GoldenSound's Cameron Oatley gave us some very interesting ideas for developing additional features for SERCE, the heart of our sought-after WANDLA software, which we aptly named "The Converter".

As mentioned, SERCE allowed us to experiment with its capabilities and create additional settings to tailor the sound to individual needs. By reallocating SERCE's processing power, we were able to create a number of brand new features in the WANDLA GoldenSound Edition:

  • Improved digital headroom
  • Spatial Enhancement
  • Tube Mode and Impact +
  • New voltage adjustment

We decided to leave PCM untouched and bypass MQA processing entirely to get the best performance from the DSP engine.

In addition, the WANDLA GoldenSound Edition has a new output voltage adjustment function, allowing better compatibility with a larger number of amplifiers.

Improved digital headroom

Higher immunity to inter-sample overs even in bypass mode at full output level, allowing you to play any music free from additional distortion and enjoy high-quality sound.

Reproduce distortion and enjoy high-quality sound.

Spatial Enhancement

A unique spatial enhancement that provides an expanded soundstage and better separation between musical elements, while

avoiding the disadvantages of other methods. It has two operating modes: headphone and speaker mode, tailored for different use cases.

Tube Mode

An intentional increase in the even-order harmonic distortion produced by the DAC, similar to the distortion of a tube amplifier. This allows the user to enjoy a warmer, fuller sound without directly altering the frequency response.

Impact +

For everyone who likes a little more low-end in their music enjoyment. This feature uses a custom two-band EQ that not only boosts the bass, but also provides additional “punch” and dynamic impact.

New voltage adjustment

The WANDLA GoldenSound Edition benefits from hardware adjustment of the output voltage of the WANDLA standard, allowing the user to switch between an output level of just under 10 Vrms and an output level of just under 4 Vrms.

This is made possible by a special hardware voltage divider that allows the user to select a lower output voltage and ensures compatibility with all amplifiers without the need for digital volume control or analog volume control components in the signal path.