PSB CSIW SUB28 Dual 8 Inch In-wall Subwoofer
PSB CSIW SUB28 Dual 8 Inch In-wall Subwoofer


PSB CSIW SUB28 Dual 8 Inch In-wall Subwoofer

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CSIW SUB28 – Dual 8″ In-Wall Subwoofer

Maximum impact, minimal footprint

The CSIW SUB28 by PSB is an in-wall subwoofer that pairs with the CS 500W to redefine bass delivery in your home theatre. Dual 8” high-performance drivers and a sealed cabinet design produce deep, detailed sound without occupying floor space. Experience cinematic sound with zero footprint.

Designed for detailed performance

Achieve audiophile-grade sound with the CSIW SUB28. Boasting dual 8" drivers with polypropylene cones and rubber surrounds, it provides precise and powerful bass performance, making it an ideal addition to any PSB audio system. With its sealed cabinet design, the CSIW SUB28 in-wall subwoofer provides a controlled bass response, tighter sound, and minimal unwanted resonance and distortion. Feel the brute force and raw power behind your sound.

A match made in heaven

Discover audio excellence with the CSIW SUB28 in-wall subwoofer, designed for perfect synergy with the CS 500W subwoofer amplifier. This dynamic duo unlocks your PSB audio system's full potential, making the best use of the Sub28’s dual drivers to create low-frequency sounds with authority and accuracy. Delivering a symphony of sound that harmonizes like alto and soprano notes, together, they create an unparalleled listening experience. Experience the power of perfect partnership.

Versatile installation options

Easy to install and easy to deploy, this subwoofer is simple to add to your audio system. Whether building a new home theatre or upgrading an existing one, the CSIW SUB28 offers flexibility during installation. Its heavy-duty nylon dog ears and magnetic perforation grille ensure a secure fit and a setup built to last. Flexible and versatile, it can be used in new construction or retrofit applications.

The best of both worlds

Many subwoofers take up considerable space, making them challenging to incorporate seamlessly into your room's layout. The CSIW SUB28, on the other hand, offers an ingenious solution by delivering high-quality bass performance without occupying any valuable floor space, giving you both the sonic impact you desire and the flexibility to maintain an uncluttered living environment. It truly is the best of both worlds.