Soundsmith Counter Intuitive for VPI Tonearms


Soundsmith Counter Intuitive for VPI Tonearms

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Soundsmith Counter Intuitive

Now, for the first time ever, it's delightfully easy to INDEPENDENTLY adjust your VPI tonearm to the exact tracking force and azimuth for optimal alignment and to return to that setting easily and quickly. Peak performance, done simply. Calibrated scales allow quick tweaking for accurate comparison of different settings.

Each "Intuitive" is carefully hand-machined for a precision fit out of a thermally stable, highly damped polymer material, with installed brass weights. Designed to last a lifetime.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

Kit includes two adhesive scales and attachment weight. (VPI arm weights shown in pictures is not included)

Soundsmith's Counter “Intuitive”

For VPI tonearms ONLY!


The Soundsmith Counter “Intuitive”

  • VPI turntables tonearms (The CI device works with any undersling counterweight from VPI):
    • 3-D tonearms
    • JMW-9t
    • JMW-9 Signature
    • JMW-10.5i
    • The Classic Arm
    • JMW-12.7