WallyTools Skater v2.1 Pro
WallyTools Skater v2.1 Pro
WallyTools Skater v2.1 Pro
WallyTools Skater v2.1 Pro
WallyTools Skater v2.1 Pro


WallyTools Skater v2.1 Pro

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WallySkater v2.1 Pro

For frequent users of the WallySkater or for those with limited dexterity. Adjust stylus height with greater ease and safety.

The WallySkater, along with the WallyTractor, are the two BASIC setup tools in your analog optimization arsenal. The WallySkater exists to make sure the effort you have put into the proper alignment of your cartridge is not ruined by your tonearm. It is the only device that accurately measures tonearm horizontal forces (including anti-skate force) and is used to assess the health of your tonearm bearing & mechanical resistance from tonearm wiring.

Use the WallySkater BEFORE aligning your stylus/cantilever to confirm tonearm is not influencing cantilever angle. This is a good test to make on your tonearm periodically to ensure bearing health remains stable and routing of tonearm wires does not shift to influence tonearm behavior. Use the WallySkater again to apply proper anti-skating force before measuring for ideal azimuth angle of your cartridge.

​Proper setting of anti-skating is essential to the alignment of the stylus within the groove, maintaining of even compression on the cartridge suspension system and to the preservation of both the stylus and the record grooves. Be CERTAIN you have your anti-skating set correctly.