Enleum: A Sonic Odyssey Rooted in Enlightenment and Craftsmanship

Enleum, where the very essence of the name signifies 'Enlightenment' and 'Eum,' the Korean word for 'sound,' embarks on a unique sonic odyssey. Steeped in a rich legacy that traces its origins back to the Bakoon days, Enleum is not just a brand; it's a pursuit of an enlightened sound experience, meticulously studied and acquired over the years.

Enlightened Sound Redefined: The Journey with AMP-23R

Enleum takes a bold leap forward with the AMP-23R, the successor to the lauded AMP-13R. This new chapter in Enleum's sonic evolution represents the culmination of the best capabilities meticulously implemented for uncompromising sound reproduction. Building upon the foundation laid by the AMP-13R, the AMP-23R introduces a new circuit, pushing the boundaries to deliver a heightened sonic experience that goes beyond expectations.

Unveiling the Sonic Mastery: AMP-54R Flagship Amplifier

As Enleum's latest flagship amplifier, the AMP-54R stands as a pinnacle product, a testament to the brand's commitment to sonic excellence. Drawing inspiration from the recent innovations in the AMP-23R and HPA-23RM, the AMP-54R integrates Enleum's most advanced technologies and unwavering design principles. It is not merely an amplifier; it's a statement product, showcasing the zenith of Enleum's craftsmanship and sonic mastery.

Crafted with Precision, Tested with Passion

The AMP-54R isn't just a product; it's a meticulous creation. Assembled and tested by Enleum's chief engineers, each unit undergoes scrutiny either in Korea or California, depending on its final destination. This hands-on approach ensures that every AMP-54R that bears the Enleum name is a testament to precision, passion, and the relentless pursuit of audio perfection.

Your Sonic Companion: Explore Enleum at HeyNow Hi-Fi

Why choose Enleum at HeyNow Hi-Fi?

Enlightened Sound Experience: Born from the fusion of 'Enlightenment' and 'Eum,' Enleum promises an audio journey like no other.

AMP-23R: A leap forward in sound evolution, building on the AMP-13R's success with a new circuit for heightened performance.

AMP-54R Flagship: The epitome of Enleum's sonic excellence, integrating advanced technologies into a statement piece.

Elevate your audio experience with Enleum. Explore the AMP-23R, the AMP-54R flagship, and more at HeyNow Hi-Fi. Immerse yourself in a world where sound is not just heard; it's experienced.




"The Enleum AMP-23R is tonally one of the finest solid state amplifiers I have heard, and those looking for deep musical involvement would be well served auditioning one."

-Part Time Audiphile

"The AMP-23R really shocked me with just how well it performed, the level of transparency and musicality that it offered had me open my wallet and purchase a unit for my own. "

-Headphone Guru

"This portable effort is as accomplished as the AMP-23R and brilliant where it matters most."

-Hifi Knights

"The AMP23R is capable of fully exploiting the quality of these speakers. It powers them to their full potential."


"The final measure of a top-quality product is the way every aspect of said product is realized. In addition to class A+ sound, this amplifier is wonderfully crafted, and finished to perfection. It is as much a joy to physically interact with and use as it is to listen to."

-Tone Publications

"It outperformed current production solid-state headphone amplifiers by a long shot and that was mirrored in its price tag. For countless of reasons, it didn’t feel as an ordinary headphone / integrated amplifier and that’s why Enleum’s nerdy team deserved our highest praise and award!"



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